15 Creative Ways To Make Your Letterhead Template Exciting


Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, every company needs stationery. Letterhead is an important part of your stationery set, and it’s often the first thing people see when they receive correspondence from you. So why not make your letterhead template exciting and unique? Here are ten creative ways to make things exciting!


#1 – Add a Logo To Your Letterhead Design

A great way to make your letterhead design stand out is by adding a logo. This shows that you’re serious about your brand, as well as giving the letterhead a more professional feel.

#2 – Use Tailored Fonts

Another way to make your letterhead template exciting is by using tailored fonts. Customize your font so it best reflects your business or company and so it stands out from other stationery around them. If you’re running a creative agency, for example, use a quirky font with strong characterization to reflect this!

#3 – Use Bright, Vibrant Colors

If your business relates well to bright colors, then be sure to use them! You can avoid going over the top with too many colors, but this is a good way to make your letterhead template stand out. Be sure to use just one or two dominant colors – using too many will be distracting and unprofessional.


#4 – Have Fun With Your Letter head!

Another great way to make your letterhead template exciting is by having fun with it! If you’re running an online business for example, why not include some of your website’s features on the letterhead? You could include social media buttons or even live links. This will show that you’re modern and like to have fun!

#5 – Use Power Words

Power words are excellent ways to spruce up any document, including your letterhead template. Swap out dull words for power words that best describe your company and what it does. For example, a travel firm may use ”adventure” instead of ”journey”.

#6 – Use an Informative yet Exciting Header

If you have important information that needs to be clearly visible on your letterhead template, try using an informative yet exciting header image. This could include images such as maps or graphs which will help people get a visual idea of what they’re reading about. It’s also worth adding some power words in here!

#7 – Add Photos of Your Office

Why not add photos of your office onto the letterhead? Let potential clients know where their business is going to be coming from and make them feel more at home by including images. creative with this, and don’t just settle for a head-and-shoulder shot – get creative with angles to make the photo as unique as possible!


#8 – Include Useful Contact Information

Contact information is crucial so you need to include it on your letterhead. But why not make this unique? Add large, strong headers and creatively display social profiles or email addresses. You could even write out phone numbers in old-fashioned digits! This will show that you’re professional yet have a fun side.

#9 – Use a Unique Shape

You can also jazz up your letterhead template by using a unique shape. A circle, square, or triangle will give your stationery a more interesting look, and it’s sure to stand out from other stationery sets. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not use an irregular shape?

#10 – A Letterhead Maker Can Include a QR Code

If you have an online presence then your stationery should reflect this. You can do just that by including a QR code on the letterhead template. This will encourage people to search for you online! Whatever you decide to do with your letterhead, be sure it reflects your company and works together with the rest of your stationery set.

Your logo is the main feature on your letterhead template so why not have some fun with it? You can do just that by including some quirky illustrations or even adding textures. Just ensure these features are relevant to your brand and what you’re trying to achieve.

#12 – Make It Unique By Mixing Designs From Different Letter Examples

Another great way of making your letterhead template stand out is by making it completely unique. Go all out and make sure everything about it reflects your business in some way! If you’re running a creative agency, use quirky fonts and bright colors throughout the design whilst keeping key information clear.

#13 – Add Handwritten Elements

Handwritten elements are perfect examples of something that’s both unique and professional. If you have the time, why not try creating handwritten letterheads? You could even use calligraphy or simply give your fonts a more natural look. Just be sure not to overdo it!

#14 – Use Custom Paper

For those willing to go all out with their stationery designs, why not use custom paper? You can find some amazing textures or even print your own designs onto quality cardstock. Not only will this look impressive but it will also last longer than standard paper.

#15 – Highlight Important Information

Make sure that your letterhead template clearly highlights important information before you send it out into the world. Ensure that your logo, social media profiles, and website are all easily visible. Also include other key information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and company slogan/mission statement somewhere on the page. Just don’t make everything too cluttered.

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