16 Common Phrases to Improve Your Spanish Conversation


It goes without saying that Spanish is one of the most challenging languages out there. There are just too many factors about this beautiful language that makes it so hard to master. On this tiresome and bumpy road language learning, patience and persistence are the key factors to activate your goal. 

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Besides, the best way to master a language is to acquire good speaking skills. The best way to do it is to participate in real-life conversations, ideally with native speakers. To help you out here are 16 common phrases to improve your Spanish conversation.


1. Mi nombre es ________. ¿Cómo te llamas? 

English: My name is _____.  What’s your name?

This phrase is probably the most common phrase that we use when meeting someone new. You have got to know their name to address them.

2. Disculpa, no recuerdo su nombre. ¿Usted, es?

English: I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name. You are…?

Suppose, someone suddenly greets you like you guys know each other. But you can’t seem to recall them. This phrase will be your savior then.

3. ¡Un gusto conocerlo!

English: Nice to meet you!

It’s another ubiquitous friend. When first meeting someone you have got to let them know how you feel about seeing or meeting them, so use this phrase.

4. ¡Mucho gusto! (polite)

English: Pleased to meet you!

This phrase is used when you are greeting an elderly, superior and you can use it even with a stranger. Using this will help you make a good impression.

Asking Questions: 

1.¿Cómo te esta yendo hoy?

English: How is your day going?

The stated phrase here will help you keep a conversation going. Also, it will refrain from awkward silence from entering the conversation since it can be a vast question to answer.

2. ¿Qué almorzaste?

English: What did you eat for lunch?

This question will practically aid you when you run out of things to say or maybe you are just a curious foodie. Regardless, this is a helpful phrase to use when conversing.

3. ¿Qué planes tienes para este fin de semana?

English: What are your weekend plans?

A fun and interesting thing to ask a person. You may find similarities, and differences but regardless you get to know that person better. 

4. ¿Qué piensas acerca de _________ ?

English: What do you think of ________?

Here is a very customizable phrase. You can ask about anything you want, like food, a movie, their pet, political opinions, a book, the weather, history-the possibilities are endless.

Small Talk: 

1. ¿Como Esta todo?

English: How is everything going?

Another question to get your conversation going. Plus this won’t make your small talk boring or uncomfortable. This is an undodgeable question and an interesting one to answer.

2. ¿Tienes algun pasa tiempo?

English: Do you have any hobbies?

Almost everyone has a hobby now don’t they? So why not make hobbies a part of your conversation cause this will make your discussion more engaging than you would think.

3. ¿Qué tipo de musica te gusta escuchar?

English: What type of music do you like?

It is safe to say that everyone loves music. Including this topic in your conversation will assist you to know that person, share songs, and converse.

4. ¿Eres de por Aqui?

English: Are you from around here?

If you are trying to be familiar with someone you must know where they are from or where they live. You can share yours too and keep the chat going.

Saying Goodbye:

1. ¡Fue un gusto conocerte!

English: It was very nice meeting you!

A good way to finish a conversation. Also, it’s a way of expressing gratitude to the person for sharing their valuable time with you and getting to know one another.

2. ¡Espero verlo pronto!

English: I hope to see you around!

You would wish to someone again you just enjoyed a conversion with. You can express such feelings with this phrase right here.

3. ¡Hasta luego, que tenga un gran dia!

English: Bye, have a good day!

This is a good way to end conversion and also a wishful phrase that will make them feel good about you. And maybe their day turns out good because of you?

4. Bueno, ya me tengo que ir.

English: I’ve got to get going.

This phrase might save you from a bad conversation or help you out to attend to your emergency. Nevertheless, it’s a good one.


Now that you know about these 16 amazing phrases don’t forget to use them to improve your Spanish. We surely hope you will be able to utilize these phrases properly and get to your goal. Good luck.

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