3 of the Most Popular Types of Purses


Did you know that the handbag industry will be worth around $80 billion by the year 2028? Many women own more than one bag because it is important to have different handbag styles for every occasion.

Have you ever wondered what types of purses you should have in your closet? Here are three essentials that will outlast handbag trends and keep your possessions safe.

1. A Compact Clutch

A clutch is the perfect evening accessory that will go with almost any formal or informal look. It will not impede your outfit but can still carry essentials such as makeup, feminine products, and credit cards.

If you attend events such as concerts or movies, then you may need a small handbag with size limits. In that case, a clutch is a great solution that will still hold everything you need.

You can buy clutches from affordable or luxury brands. If you only want one clutch, try getting a neutral color such as white, black, or beige.

When not in use, you should store your clutch in a bag cover to keep it pristine. For instance, if you see Christian Louboutin handbags for sale, you need to ensure you can properly store them.

2. A Versatile Tote Bag

If you have lots of items you need with you every day, then a tote bag might be your best bet. Tote bags are great for college students, teachers, or simply taking a trip to the beach.

Tote bags come in all sizes, colors, and materials. The material you buy depends on the purpose of your bag. For example, if you go outdoors a lot, canvas is a better material that will withstand the elements.

Leather tote bags are a wonderful option if you want something sleek and stylish for your job or professional purposes. You can easily fit a laptop, tablet, or notebook in a tote bag, along with a wallet and other essentials.

3. An Everyday Cross-Body

For a medium-sized option between a clutch and a tote bag, you cannot go wrong with a cross-body purse. Many of these purses feature top handles and a strap that you can clip to drape it over your body.

Cross-body bags are helpful if you want access to all of your items but are securely fastened to you. You can stay hands-free without worrying about your bag slipping over your shoulder.

Cross-body handbags come in a variety of sizes, but they will stand the test of time when it comes to handbag trends. They are one of the most versatile styles of purses.

So Many Types of Purses

When it comes to a handbag to store your things, there are many types of purses that you can choose from. With this guide, you can get the essential handbag styles that will suit any occasion.

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