4 Questions to Ponder Over When Getting Get a Facelift Surgery


Instagram culture has normalised soft, baby-like skin with no fine lines or wrinkles whatsoever. However, the reality is far different. Natural skin has plenty of texture, laugh lines, and other blemishes to distinguish you from social media filters. 

However, some surgical procedures can help eliminate signs of ageing and make you look more youthful than ever. One such option is a facelift or a rhytidectomy. 

You can search for “facelift Sydney” online and find multiple clinics and cosmetic surgeons specialising in this procedure. 

Before opting for cosmetic surgery, it is natural to face some uncertainty. After all, the final decision will impact your day-to-day life in the coming years. 

Therefore, before beginning with the facelift, you should consider the below-mentioned points. 

  • Do You Really Want a Facelift? 

In current times, you come across multiple photoshopped images in fashion magazines or social media platforms in Australia. As a result, most people start feeling unattractive or adhering to unrealistic beauty goals. 

Before you head to the cosmetic clinic, ask yourselves – are you willing to take such a considerable risk? In most cases, people consider such options only due to peer pressure! However, if you simply want to look a bit younger, you can mention the same to the attending doctor. 

  • Which Type of Facelift Is Suitable for You? 

As you age, the skin starts losing elasticity and depositing or sucking fat out of specific facial points. Mostly, people notice the jowling or some loose skin in the chin area. There are different kinds of facelift procedures in Sydney to deal with specific issues. Some of them are: 

  • SMAS facelift: In this procedure, the thin tissue present underneath your skin is lifted. 
  • MACS facelift: It treats sagging necks or slack flesh around the chin and jaw area. 
  • Full facelift: Here, all the facial parts are specially treated to give you a completely youthful look. 
  • How Long Do Facelifts Last, and What Is the Duration of the Procedure? 

When investing vast amounts of money in a cosmetic treatment, it is natural to wonder about its durability. Facelifts usually last for around ten years before your skin again loses elasticity. And after ten years, you can again opt for similar facial procedures. When it comes to operation duration, you can expect 3-4 hours on the table for a standard facelift. In case of minor changes, it might take 2 hours or less in Sydney. The recovery time is around 14 to 21 days while the swelling subsides.

  • What Should You Expect After Surgery? 

When you meet the cosmetic surgeon, ask about the recovery period in detail. Doing so will prevent any surprises and prepare you for the worst consequences. Usually, it takes a few days to remove the bandages from your face. 

You will also be prescribed medication for the pain due to excessive swelling and bruising. As a result, you won’t be able to step out in public for 2 to 3 weeks in Sydney. 

Opting for a cosmetic facial procedure is no insignificant decision. As such, you need to be extremely careful before making any decisions. 

You should complete your doctor search and talk to a few people who have already undergone surgery. You can also search “facelift in Sydney” online to find top clinics in your area. 

Additionally, you must take proper precautions before going under the knife. It is always advised to ask about the worst-case scenario and the resulting consequences.

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