5 Android Applications That Help to Make Thumbnails


According to recent stats, around 720 hours of videos are uploaded daily to YouTube, and it hosts more than 800 million videos, making it the largest online database. Users around the world see it as the go-to platform whenever they want to watch videos of standup comedy sessions, skits, vlogs, online tutorials, and gaming streams. Content creators worldwide make money because of the views coming to the videos they publish on their channels.

They need to ensure that the audience they are targeting through their videos finds their content interesting and worth watching. This is only possible when they give their audience a good idea about the content featured in the uploaded video. The most effective way to do this is by taking the help of still images. These still images are referred to as thumbnails. The primary purpose of thumbnails is to give the right first impression to the audience.

The job of a thumbnail for a video on YouTube is to provide the targeted audience with a brief preview video that outlines some important things you will see in that video. Additionally, the thumbnail includes the video’s title and one or two visuals from the video.  Read on to know how you can easily create thumbnails for your videos. Further details are given below:

Top 5 applications that can help you make thubmnails

Creating thumbnails from scratch using conventional design tools is a laborious and time-consuming. You may need help from some efficient thumbnail maker apps available for use on your smartphone. We have made a list of a few efficient thumbnail creator apps for android to help you in this regard. Scroll down to learn more.

  1. Thumbnail Maker & Channel Art

You may think of creating a thumbnail that fits your requirement and is as bespoke as possible. This app allows you to do that. You can create a custom thumbnail using this channel art maker application. This app offers many options in the form of colours and signs that can help you quickly make a custom thumbnail maker. The best part about this Youtube thumbnail creator is that you can use it without paying a single cent, and it will also help you create covers for your social media handles.

  1. Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker

Another android video thumbnail maker app that earns its spot on our list is the Banner Maker, Thumbnail Maker. This app tries its best to satisfy users’ requirements by offering an optimum user experience (UX). Moreover, it has plenty to offer in the form of customizability options. You are sure to find the preferences according to your requirements because this app has more than 1000 HD templates that are divided into 75 categories for the ease of users. Not only that, you will get a variety of sticker options and more than 100 typography styles, which make this app suitable for creating banners and social media covers.

  1. Thumbnail Maker $ Channel Art Maker

This thumbnail and channel art maker app can be a one-stop shop for you if you want to create custom thumbnails, channel art, banners, and social media covers easily. This app features an easy-to-use interface, which can be easily used by a wide variety of users belonging to various demographics. Simply open the app, browse the YouTube thumbnail templates category, and choose the best option that fits your requirements. Once you have selected the template, modify it according to your needs to give it a custom touch using the collage feature, typography options, and stickers. You are sure to create an eye-catching thumbnail with the help of this app.

  1. Ultimate Thumbnail Maker and Channel Art Maker

You need a proper tool to express your creativity, and this app is the perfect match for you. This app has plenty of options to help you show your creative instinct by designing unique video thumbnails and banners. This app offers a wide variety of templates categorised into specific categories of video thumbnails, banners, and social media covers which helps you choose the option according to your requirements. Moreover, you will find numerous stickers, font options, and text presets to make your thumbnails compelling for the targeted audience.

  1. Thumbnail Maker: Cover Maker And Banner Maker

Creating a stunning YouTube video thumbnail, social media cover, or banner is quicker and easier when using this app. This ease is possible because of its easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is open the app, and you will end up with a compelling image that can be used as a video thumbnail, social media cover, or even a banner in less than 5 minutes. Try it, and you will find out how easy it is to use this app to create thumbnails.

The Wrap Up

Gone are the days when you had to learn the skill of graphic designing to create compelling video thumbnails, banners, and social media covers. You can even do this task with the help of your Android smartphone. Simply download an efficient thumbnail maker app like the one we discussed for this purpose, and you are good to go. We hope you will find this valuable information in the future.

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