5 Reasons why coworking space is best for you & your team


Coworking spaces are not only for freelancers; these shared office spaces are ideal for anyone, be they individual, companies or large-sized organizations. In recent days a number of startups have seen significant growth and there has also been a rise in popularity of fully furnished office space. Coworking spaces are fueling startups and helping them to manage the challenges related to finance, networking, accessibility, technology operations, and others. Coworking centers provide small business and start-up connections with great workspaces and one can enjoy unlimited coffee, on the house, and relax on couches, as well as one can play games in the gaming area. Coworking spaces can be more productive than you probably imagined.

If you are planning to get a coworking desk for yourself or your team look into these main benefits provided by Coworking space.

Here are 6 reasons to choose coworking spaces for your team.

1. Gives flexibility to the teams.

Finding a good work environment that offers flexibility to grow the team and the company is the priority of most companies while looking for a coworking space. Having an office space on rent or a managed office will help you a lot in this regard. You need not commit to a long-term office lease and if your team grows or scales down you can scale up or down your office space accordingly. 

2. Convenience to work

New businesses can choose coworking centers as an alternative to the hassles of renting a building for the office. Why spend time and money on office buildings, housekeeping, security and maintenance, when you can get it all in one in furnished office spaces?

Getting a space in a shared office space on rent will help to manage your resources more efficiently whilst also enjoying the amenities and benefits of coworking centers.

3. Networking opportunities

Many regular networking events are conducted by coworking spaces, which allow companies to expand their professional contacts and potentially gain new customers and increase their professional network.

Networking is essential for all companies to build a strong customer base. Coworking space can be the common ground to network and collaborate. As these office spaces provide professional development workshops, a vibrant community of like-minded people, your employees can easily engage in conversation and build a great rapport with the other employees.

4. Services and amenities for the employees

The best coworking communities offer members state-of-the-art amenities and services designed to help your company to grow.  

The plug-and-play spaces will have private cabins and conference rooms for meetings with potential clients. There are recreational places for relaxing and playing games. Workplace supplies like desks, couches and other office furniture, CCTV surveillance, restricted access control, housekeeping, security and maintenance are all provided by the serviced office.

5. Perfect for Work-Life Balance

A common complaint with working from home or full-time workers is that they are not able to manage their work and personal life. This is where hybrid work culture comes in. Entrepreneurs, startup founders, and innovators continue to express concerns about chores at home, pets, devoting time to children or family in the face of impossible demands to scale. Working in a coworking model will help manage work-life balance without anxiety and other problems.

Maintaining a fixed work schedule is very important, and coworking space plays a crucial role. Coworking centers offer a distraction-free workspace and an engaging environment where workers can differentiate their work from their personal lives. Thriving startups, remote teams, established corporates, and private offices alike can have an ecosystem involving brainstorming areas, and a variety of creative ideas for having a smarter work-life balance even with a hybrid work culture.


Selecting a coworking space in Bangalore that offers a unique support system for individuals, freelancers, and small to large sized companies is important. Therefore, it may be said that now is the time to move away from traditional offices to a flexible work system in a coworking space. Take up office space for rent in a reputed workspace provider such as iKeva that provides workspaces with community and member benefits along with the support of other like-minded people and the best-in-class facilities and resources across three major cities of Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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