5 Social Media Platforms From Where You Can Attract Audience For Your Site



With the rising use of social media platforms in the second decade of this century, its use has become essential in the modern-day marketing scenario. This is because social media has billions of users globally, making it the best place for companies to reach out to audiences and market their products better.

Therefore, if you are interested in the field of marketing and are new to this school of thought, then it is about time that you know about the use of social media platforms for marketing your products and services to your target customers.

Why Marketing Using Social Media Platforms Is Important

Before we dive in to know more about social media platforms, we need to know a bit more about their marketing aspect first. With the internet being available freely to almost everyone in developed and developing countries, its use has become larger as well. Most people use the internet on a daily basis, ranging from work purposes to recreational uses as well. 

Therefore, digital marketing using the internet, especially social media has become more effective as every year goes by. Since people are so much active on the internet, it has become a great place for smart marketers to place ads and see how many conversions they can get. Social media marketing has reportedly earned more customers and conversions compared to traditional print and television marketing efforts.

5 Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing

The five best social media platforms for generating more traffic to your website are:

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms on the internet. With over 2 billion active users, this platform has a large number of users, almost all of whom can be notified of your products and services. Therefore, this makes Facebook users the best crowd to market your products and services.

But what exactly makes Facebook so good as a social media platform for marketing your products? Apart from the massive number of users, Facebook also allows business pages to show their ads on the platform as well. Therefore, businesses can provide Facebook with visual advertisements to display to users, for a price.

In this process, the business has to first make an attractive visual advertisement first. This can be just an image or a short video. After this advertisement has been created, it is now time for you to pay Facebook for showing it to people on the platform.

This is decided by using the Facebook Ads budget option. This allows you to pay according to the reach that you need. For example, if you need a large customer base to have a look at your advertisement, then you need to pay more. Simply put, the more you decide to pay, the more people will see your ad.

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2. Instagram

Instagram already became a social sensation when it first launched back in 2010. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is way more stripped down because of its focus on visual aesthetics and content, rather than written words and memes. This makes each post more attractive than a standard post on Facebook.

Since it’s a part of the Meta Company (owner of Facebook and Whatsapp), the same advertisement plans are also present here on Instagram as well. You design your advertisement (image or video), and then pay Instagram to show those advertisements to users on the platform. Again, the same principle applies here also – pay more to get more reach. 

However, the way Instagram makes itself different from Facebook Ads is its use of influencers. Influencers are popular personalities on Instagram (like actors, politicians, and actresses) who have amassed a massive fan following on their Instagram profile page. Many brands are marketing their products by actively using influencers to market their products. 

The influencer only has to showcase the use of the products in their posts. Instead of paying Instagram directly, you can pay these influencers directly to market your products. This is beneficial if you want to target more people from a particular niche (like gaming or beauty). 

You can target people using hashtags. For example, if you enter the phrase #football in the description of the photo or the video, then it will be suggested to people who follow footballers and prefer watching football-related posts. Therefore, it is key to use SEO strategies to generate more traffic and views on Instagram. 

3. Twitter

Twitter is another popular social media platform that is great for marketing. After Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms. On Twitter, people can share written posts, pictures, and videos as well. This is why many marketers are interested in using Twitter as an advertising platform. 

Twitter requires a different strategy compared to Facebook and Instagram. Here, you need to focus on creating engaging posts rather than spending on advertisements. While the same is true for Facebook and Instagram, the focus on posts is higher and more varied over here. You can start blogging over here if you want if you do not have a problem with the 140-character limit on posts. 

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4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become popular amongst businesses because of its professional approach. LinkedIn is known as the social media platform for businesses and industry professionals. This is the best place to post advertisements since many people consider it to be the best social media platform to recruit new and young talent. 

LinkedIn also has found success amongst B2B businesses because it has the highest conversion rate for B2B marketing posts. Therefore, if you gave a B2B business, then LinkedIn should be your top priority for generating more leads, compared to Google Ads

5. YouTube

While it is not technically considered to be a social media platform, Youtube is a website that almost everyone on the internet accesses almost on a daily basis. Similar to Instagram, you can post videos on this site. 

What makes it different from others is that you can get paid for posting interesting videos. Youtube will play ads (which you can provide for a price, similar to Facebook). For each ad that gets shown through your videos, you will get money for it. 

This is how many people with a talent for videography have become professional Youtubers, earning millions. You can post the link to your website in the description of the video. If the content is interesting, then expect a lot of traffic through that link too. 

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Social media platforms are now being widely accepted as some of the best marketing devices that you can use right now in your business. Facebook and Instagram have billions of users that can go to your website if you post your link in your advertisements and posts. Make creative and engaging Youtube videos to do the same, along with posting interesting content on LinkedIn and Twitter as well. 

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