5 Ways Millennials Prefer Their Jewelry


Every generation, from the Baby Boomers of the 1950s to the Millennials of the 2010s, has its own unique set of fashion and jewelry preferences. Because jewelry tastes change so drastically over time and span so many generations, it can be difficult for one generation to grasp the tastes of the next. Therefore, it’s always wise to learn what sort of jewelry is most popular among consumers before making a purchase.

Millennials, often gen y, are today’s 24- to 39-year-olds who were born between 1981 and 1996. Students and young professionals who are just starting out in their jobs and families are included here. The millennial generation has gained a reputation for being progressive, tech-savvy, morally upright, and goal-oriented. Unlike their parents and grandparents, they don’t place a high value on ostentatious displays of wealth or on buying lots of expensive things.

As a result of these factors, there are certain tastes in clothing and jewelry that should be taken into account while shopping for a present. Consider these five factors while looking for a new accessory for that special millennial in your life:

  1. Think simple, not extravagant.

Many members of this age have turned their backs on extravagant spending for moral and financial grounds alike. They are wary of spending money on unnecessary items and are very careful about where to buy chains and jewelry which has contributed to the rise of minimalism. Light, easy-to-wear jewelry has been the go-to for most millennial trends, thanks to an increase in feminist ideas and a shift away from the uncomfortable, heavy design. Consider a light, airy chain necklace or a simple ring to complement your wardrobe.

  1. Do not invest in diamonds.

Diamonds aren’t as meaningful to many individuals as they once were because of widespread awareness among the younger generation that they aren’t particularly rare. Although most Millennials are not outright opposed to diamonds, few of them have a strong preference for them either. Many people see them as nothing more than outrageously costly stones that prevent necessary expenditures from being made. More than any other generation, Millennials are concerned about the negative effects of diamond mining on the environment and the widespread use of child labor to mine diamonds by major corporations. Many jewelry stores now feature conflict-free diamonds in response to this shift in public opinion.

  1. Ignore Expensive Brand Names 

Generation Y does not place the same value on designer labels and expensive stone jewelry like tanzanite pendants or any tanzanite jewelry as previous generations did, and many individuals actively promote the concept of “label-free fashion.” In fact, there are others who would rather not be seen dead in recognizable brand names like Gucci or Coach. People generally agree that those things look cheap and obvious since they are trying too hard. If you want to save face (and money) with your bestie and your wallet, steer clear of the big-name jewelry brands whose products are covered in pointless logos. It’s fine to choose high-end jewelry, but there’s no need to shout it from the rooftops. Also, many millennials these days like buying from independent jewelers over major brands.

  1. Gender is not a major factor.

Millennials are also notable for aggressively dismantling the strict delineation between what jobs, attire, and activities are “supposed to be for” each gender. Many companies across all sectors, including the jewelry market, are cashing in on this shift in public opinion. There is no longer any pressure to buy overtly frilly items while shopping for a buddy who identifies as a woman, providing you a wider range of possibilities

  1. Adhere to Your Principles

This ties in closely with the third piece of advice I gave you about diamonds, the unethical gemstone, and their negative effects on the atmosphere.  Jewelry manufacturers that employ recycled or ethically produced materials tend to do better with Millennial customers since this generation is more concerned with ethics and social issues than in previous decades. Furthermore, many consumers like making jewelry purchases when doing so help disadvantaged communities or regions with low economic growth. People are drawn to jewelry that serves the dual purpose of making the world a better and more sustainable place while also looking attractive.

The Last Thing Everyone Needs to take into Account 

For the best chance of success in finding a piece of jewelry that will be appreciated by the millennial in your life, Consider these 5 tips, But keep in mind that various people have varying tastes in jewelry and other accessories. The label “Millennial” does not guarantee a person’s adherence to the culture of their generation. When shopping for a gift, remember to take into account the recipient’s specific tastes and interests. The extra work you put into selecting an item they will want to wear will likely be appreciated, and people are generally willing to talk about things they enjoy.

Millennials have a penchant for unconventional jewelry styles that can be hard to find at major retailers. 

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