6 DIY Luxury Home Decor Tips You Need To Know


Without a huge budget, you can’t make your home look more expensive, right? Well, dispel that notion from today henceforth. It is possible to upgrade your home with some surprisingly simple DIY home decor tips. All it may require is simple adjustments or styling techniques. 

You may also need to get more creative with your shopping. Indeed, some of the best finds may be at the flea market. All you need to do is clean them up or do some upholstery, and you will have magazine-worthy decor items. 

Still have some lingering doubt about what we are talking about? Well, allow us to share some fantastic yet practical tips with you.  

  1. Go For A Few Statement Pieces

There are many ways to define luxury. But, there is a specific commonality that binds everything. Allow us to explain the point with an analogy. 

What immediately comes to mind when you walk into a diamond retail shop? The beauty of the stones set into stud earrings, pendants, engagement rings, and more may be one. You love the intricate designs and attention to detail. Your eyes can’t help but linger on each exquisite piece of diamond jewelry. 

What you will also notice is the subdued elegance of everything around you. You see, luxury is about sophistication, elegance, and beauty. It is not ostentatious or shouting for attention. And that is what you should aim for in your home decor.

A few statement pieces will grab the attention of anyone who walks into the room. Low hanging pendant lights over the kitchen island are a fantastic idea. A wingback chair with a different fabric from the other furniture is another.  

Don’t forget places like the bathroom. A freestanding bathtub speaks elegance and sophistication.  

  1. Add Dimension with Texture and Color

If you want to avoid having a bland room, experiment with different textures and colors. A few hues will make the space look alive. If you have some reservations about this, start small. Have all the sofas in one color and texture. Now, add some interest with colorful, different textured pillows. 

Imagine all white sofas with blue, red, or orange pillows. The beauty of this idea is you can keep switching the pillow covers anytime you feel like, without incurring heavy expenses.   

  1. Bring In the Outdoors with Plants

Indoor plants look great and will add an instant feeling of luxury. Indeed it can even be the statement pieces we talked about above. 

Here is a tip. Large decorative pots look great. You can find some fantastic selections in the stores. Go for clay pots instead of the plastic planter options. If you don’t have too much space, there is the option of hanging plants. 

Also, take time to find the right house plants. Not every type will flourish in the indoor setting. And, if you want the plants to stand out, go for those that can grow big.

  1. Antiques Add History and Elegance

Luxury shoppers know the value of antique pieces. The beauty of such is that they are unique. The probability of finding similar items is very difficult. 

Professional flea market shoppers have a keen eye for such accessories. These include lamps, mirror/picture frames, chests, and furniture. Having one or two antique items on display will make the room look expensive.

You can also visit thrift stores or look for such treasures in garage sales. Older relatives like grandparents can also be a good source of antique items. It may require convincing to get them to let go of some of the pieces. But, they would be happy to know you will cherish some of their belongings for years to come.   

  1. Apply the Less is More Thinking

Remember when we talked about subdued sophistication when defining luxury? Well, a room free of clutter can bring out this aspect. 

Stick to the mantra ‘less is more’ by decluttering. It should look like every item, or accessory found its way into the home after careful consideration. Think of all the luxury home shows you have watched. You will often find tons of open space. 

A room full of stuff will never look chic, no matter how much you try. Even if you are working with a small space, you will be shocked at how roomy the house feels free of clutter. And, there is the added benefit of mental and physical well-being. 

Here is a fantastic tip to try. Avoid having furniture sit flush against the wall. It is a common practice when you want to maximize available space. But, the room will feel larger if you leave space around the furniture. Also, there is the added advantage of a more intimate and balanced setting.   

  1. Play With Lighting

Ambient light is a standard fixture in many homes. But, in terms of decor, it doesn’t do too much. Yet, simple DIY lighting tricks can transform the room. These include:-

  • Add as many lighting options as possible. Task lights are great for specific activities like cooking or reading. Accent lighting like sconces will highlight particular areas of interest. Lamps are both functional and decorative. 
  • Add stylistic elements to the lighting. Instead of a simple bare bulb, invest in elegant bulb holders. Low hanging chandeliers over the dining table bring a level of chicness. 
  • Use lighting as your statement pieces. Who can deny a chandelier’s absolute beauty and presence, for example? And, it will have a high-end feel that speaks of luxury. It doesn’t matter whether it is day or night, you can be sure of getting plenty of compliments from guests. 
  • Play around with lighting levels. Only have bright lights where it is necessary, like in the kitchen or reading areas. Warmer, lower wattage can make the living room more inviting and elegant. 

Final Thoughts

Bringing a touch of luxury to your home does not have to involve hiring an interior decorator. We have shared some pretty simple practical tips above. You can get inspiration from some TV shows or even magazines. It also doesn’t hurt to learn how and where to shop. 

As we stated, you can get some fantastic home decor accessories in thrift shops and flea markets. A little loving care will restore them to their former glory. Finally, plants, decluttering, and lighting can bring a touch of elegance and luxury to the space you call home. 

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