6 Things To Do In Hawaii – Must Read!



Located 2000 miles from mainland United States in the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the only state that happens to be an archipelago and in the tropics. The beautiful state is like no other place on earth, and we will tell you why! The Sandwich Islands is home to the only royal palace in the United States and the most active volcanoes in the world. 

Are you planning your summer vacation? Have you considered the welcoming islands of Aloha? If you haven’t, you must! Keep reading to find out more on the same. 

6 Things To Do In Hawaii – Must Read!

Whether you visit with your partner or family or even alone, Hawaii will only provide you with fun alternatives that will make your vacation memorable. Scroll down to find out the top six things to do in the archipelago state this summer!

1. Visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hawaii is home to stunning landscapes, and that’s all because the state is also home to the world’s most active volcanoes. The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one such picturesque location that witnesses plenty of volcanic activity. In fact, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kīlauea, is located inside the national park. 

Most tourists take an entire day to explore this national park which also happens to be a UNESCO world heritage site. However, you could choose to zip-line or hike across the waterfalls, mountains, and forests inside the park. Moreover, if you manage to stay after sunset, you will witness a beautiful night sky shining with stars – what a lovely way to end a beautiful day!

2. Soak In The History Of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is one of the most memorable names from World War II. On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor experienced a devastating attack by the Imperial Japanese navy. While Japan thought that this was necessary for peace, the US didn’t agree, and instead, Pearl Harbor became the hotbed for more violence at the time. 

Today 80 years later, you can visit Pearl Harbor and relive history. Check out the sunken battleship known as USS Arizona and other artifacts from the time of war. Instead of going on big public tours, opt for private tours with smaller groups. This will help you patiently explore the place and dig into the history. 

3. Attend A Conventional Luau

Luau is a classic Hawaiian celebration, and we love calling it a ‘Lu-wow experience!’ The iconic hula dancers, the traditional kalua pig, all the decorations, and the warmth of the local people are all reasons why you must attend at least one of these events. However, the most modern version of this iconic celebration only aims to entertain and feed attending guests. 

However, if you seek carefully, you might stumble upon a few truly traditional Luau celebrations. The difference? These celebrations do more than just entertain guests. Instead, these aim to depict the story of Hawaii through a culinary journey through the pages of time – sounds interesting and tasty, right?

4. Dive About In Molokini

Home to gorgeous underwater life, the Molokini Crater in Hawaii is one of the world’s most popular diving and snorkelling destinations. The water here is absolutely crystal clear, and as a result, tourists can spot all the minute details underwater. This is a great place for going swimming with your partner or friends. 

Swim around in the coral reefs at the Molokini Crater and explore the natural underwater habitat. Stop by Turtle Town and make some new friends, but just remember not to touch these sea creatures. Additionally, while swimming here, keep those eyes open for a whole bunch of colourful fishes or even the more occasional eel and octopus. 

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5. Go On A Helicopter Tour

Hawaii is home to eight islands – how will you ever manage to fit eight islands into a single trip? It might sound like an impossible feat, but it is not so. Instead, you can simply take a helicopter tour and explore the entire state in a single day. What’s better than a bird’s eye’s view of one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. 

While on the helicopter, definitely visit locations like Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast, and even the location where Jurassic Park was shot. The best part about exploring eight islands on a helicopter? Your feet are not going to get tired at all!

6. Enjoy Haleakala’s sunrise

A visit to the Haleakala National Park will make you a fan of sunrises. You can sit on top of the clouds and watch the sunrise. At 10,023 feet, you are in for a morning that will surely blow your breath away. Hawaii is stunning, and this sunrise is as beautiful as things ger here, and as a result, you can’t miss it!

Yes, waking up really early is a must in this case, but once the sun has risen, you can zip-line through the park. We don’t know any better way to start a morning. What about you? 

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Visit Hawaii and explore the glimmering blue ocean, the golden sands, and the emerald valleys. There’s so much this archipelago has to offer, especially to tourists. Thus, what are you waiting for? Cross this place off your bucket list and plan a memorable summer vacation today!

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