7 Must-Knows Benefits on Taking Loan Against Aadhar & PAN Card


A personal loan is nothing but a sort of unsecured loan offered to salaried and self-employees individuals. An unsecured loan is free of any collateral or security. Thus, it is mostly directed for dealing with emergencies like financing medical emergency bills, repaying credit card debt, enhancing credit score, managing wedding expenses, funding your child’s education, and so on. The quickest way to get approved for a pan card loan is to maintain a good credit score. 

Processions often suggest that a score of 650 is necessary for getting approved for a significant personal loan. While a personal loan may comprise of a higher interest rate than several secured loans, it is worth it due to ample reasons. Discover below 7 benefits of taking a personal loan against your PAN Card or Aadhar card. 

Benefits of Taking Loan Against Aadhar & PAN Card 

  1. Significantly High Loan Value (Around INR 25 Lakhs)

One of the most prominent benefits of getting a personal loan against your Aadhar or PAN Card is that you can avail of a significantly large loan of about Rs. 25 Lakhs. Complete ease and access to a large amount of money can help relevant individuals avail of a good value loan. This can further help you cater to your financial and funding requirements. 

  1. Complete Transparency 

Personal Loans are trustworthy and come with a myriad of benefits that will eventually satisfy your funding requirements. A personal Loan when approved through your Aadhar or PAN Card will improve the aspect of transparency, thereby providing you clarity on how useful this loan really might be for you. 

  1. Instant Personal Loan with swift Disbursal and Approval 

On meeting the eligibility criteria and maintaining a strong credit score, individuals can rest assured get a personal loan in as little as 72 hours. Your identity proofs will thus help quicken the process of receiving a personal loan. 

  1. Flexible Repayment Duration of about 60 Months or So 

Another very convenient benefit of a personal loan against an Aadhar or PAN card is that you can primarily choose the tenure. The repayment duration of the loan can last up to 7 years, thereby offering you optimal flexibility to decide on a tenure that fits with your financial profile. 

  1. Beneficial for Fulfilling a Plethora of Funding Needs 

A Pan card Loan is generally reliable and even useful to cater to several urgent needs like paying hospital bills, funding your wedding, paying your credit card bills, financing a new business, renovating your home, and so on. 

  1. No Collateral Necessary 

Personal Loans do not require you to show any collateral. Thus, the unsecured loan is quite effortless to get. 

  1. Fixed Personal loan Interest Rates

Personal loans are primarily offered at a fixed interest rate. Thus, the monthly repayments remain the same throughout the loan duration. Individuals can thus ease their tension regarding personal loan interest rates

Bottom Line 

Applying for a personal loan is rather effortless with Aadhar and PAN Card as proof of identity. The boundless benefits of a personal loan against Aadhar or PAN Card only suggest how worth applying for the loan is. You only require minimal eligibility requirements and have to further follow a simple application process.

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