8 Outdoor Activities Paddleboards Are Good For


Paddleboarding, also known as SUP or Stand-up paddle boarding has become popular in the UK and it’s for good reason. Paddle boards offer you an amazing opportunity to explore coastlines, rivers, lakes or water bodies near you. There are a number of outdoor activities you can participate in while paddleboarding. What’s more, it offers you many benefits starting from your physical and mental health. The outdoors is a great place to stay active, and paddleboards will help you do so. They are also an excellent way to stay active and fit while helping you with balance and coordination. As you paddleboard, you also get to relax and enjoy the outdoors. 

You might be wondering how many activities paddleboards are good for. Below are the most standard outdoor activities you can participate in while paddleboarding:

1. SUP Surfing

SUP surfing is one of the most common outdoor activities people do with paddleboards. You can do it on a SUP and it’s a thrilling way of enjoying your time. It offers you an opportunity to cross-train if you want to improve your surfing skills. Remember, there are many types of SUP surfing boards but the best ones for this purpose are the hard ones. That’s because they offer maximum performance with top speed and easy maneuverability that’s perfect for riding waves. 

2. SUP Racing

Have you ever heard of SUP racing? Well, these races are held annually around the world and if you think you are perfect for such competitions, SUP racing might be best for you. You can participate in such races to compete or for fun. The boards meant for racing are longer and skinnier than the others, to hold more volume. 

3. Touring

If you love exploring deep waters, then SUP can be a perfect watersports option. Such touring involves paddling for longer distances, but at a low pace, without breaks. Boards meant for touring have a wider template, which gives the board the ability to float easily, even when you carry extra weight and watersports equipment. Most of them are easily identifiable by their pointed nose. 

4. Fishing

Apart from the regular ways of fishing, there is a better way to catch some fish. Some people do it as a sport, while others do it as veterans. SUP paddle board fishing is a great way to catch fish while having fun. Thankfully, nowadays paddle boards are designed in a way that they have everything you might need while out on the water. If you’re interested in SUP fishing, you should look for a paddle board that’s equipped with Scotty mounts for attaching your bait trays, fish finders, rod holders and anything else you might need to use. 

5. Snorkelling

Imagine going to snorkelling spots with your SUP. Paddle your way through and enjoy clear waters filled with magnificent marine life. While doing this, you can use your SUP as a resting spot during your endeavors. 

6. Exercising and Yoga

Paddle boarding is one of the best full-body workouts. If you’re no longer interested in the usual workout routines, you can take things to a whole new level by starting paddle boarding. It’s a fun way of staying fit and most importantly, you’ll enjoy the water while you work out. It will also build your strength and improve your coordination. 

For those who prefer yoga, you can perform SUP yoga on a paddle board at any time. The benefit of this is that you don’t need any soundtrack, since nature will take its course thanks to the water currents, and birds flying over. 

7. Go on a Date

You can do so many things during a date on a SUP paddle board. For example, you can watch the sunset with your partner, or go on an adventure to new waters. However, as you do this, ensure your partner also knows how to use the board and your safety should be a priority. 

8. Relaxing on a Hammock

Thanks to hammocraft, you can attach a hammock to your SUP and relax on it while on water. What’s even more exciting is that you can attack up to 5 of them, but you need two paddle boards for this. 


SUP paddling requires you to stand on top of the board and it needs a lot of coordination. You have to involve various muscles in your upper and lower body, for you to remain standing as you navigate through the water. As you do this, you develop strength and improve your physical and mental health while you’re still having fun. In short, SUP paddling is a great way to enjoy nature and no wonder it has grown in popularity worldwide.

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