You’ve likely heard of Spotify if you like to stream music. It’s the largest music streaming platform currently accessible to music lovers, but despite being the largest platform for streaming music it’s yet to go available in many countries. Secondly, it is not accessible for free and the sole purpose of the free version is to get you to pay for the premium service. Furthermore, offline saves are not supported in the free version. The frequent commercial pauses in between songs might sometimes be a pain. So, it’s time you start thinking about using some premium and free Spotify alternatives but will require an internet connection you also need one with speed so it can run these options smoothly and you can listen to songs when you want. For this we recommend checking out Xfinity WiFi and getting one of the best and hassle-free services, so you can use Spotify alternatives with ease and do much more than just have music.


LiveXLive (formerly Slacker) lets you make your playlists based on the genre, artist, song, or album. You will be offered six skips per hour with ads between the songs. Downloadable listening and infinite skips are two key points of subscribing to the Plus version for $4 per month. The premium subscription (costing about $10 a month) will add several extra features including on-demand music playback and a playlist.


In comparison to its competitors, apple music firstly offers more original content. More quickly than elsewhere, new music is also made available. Apple Music isn’t much behind Spotify when it comes to having a large music selection. Although it has gained more than 50 million users in 3 years and Spotify has over 80 million thus Apple is getting ever closer. You may enjoy a massive collection of 50 million songs (costing about $9.99/£9.99 per month).


Concerning YouTube, YouTube Music wants to exist independently. You’ll discover extras like parodies and cover songs in addition to the standard music streaming. With more music available than Spotify, it’s likely the only service. Ad-free functionality service and offline listening are included in the premium subscription, which costs $10 per month. Songs can be playable in the background, with the premium subscription.


Over 130 million songs, podcasts, remixes, and covers may be found on SoundCloud. If you’re seeking mixtape raps and fresh music, SoundCloud is a decent Spotify option. You may make your songs available to other people. However, they need to expand their library of original classical music. The majority of them are the covers, and hardly any of those covers ever turn out to be outstanding.


Deezer has access to music in almost every country. Unlimited skips and better music with downloads are included in their $9.99 per month plan. The premium edition is available to college students for only $4.99. For individuals who don’t skimp on quality, the best of the best is available. In addition to all the features of the premium edition, CD-quality streaming is also available (costing about $19.99 per month).


Currently, it’s only accessible in the US. Only six skips are permitted every hour on the free account, and there are always ads. Unlimited skipping, offline playback, and an ad-free service are possible when subscribing to Pandora Plus (costing about $4.99 per month). Moreover, you can acquire options like unlimited playback and making your personalized playback list for $9.99/month.


Amazon Prime Music, which just debuted with Amazon Prime Video, is frequently missed by many Amazons Prime members. Although it’s not among the top services available, it works just fine. If you have Amazon Prime, you may use their music streaming service without paying any additional fees. Using Amazon Prime Music would be a no if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription. Nevertheless, spending $12.99 a month for its music service alone is not worthwhile. Better offers can be found for less money.


Unlimited streaming with advertisements is available in the free version. A 3GB download limit is offered by Pro-Lite, (costing about Rs.120 per month). Choose the Pro edition if you prefer storing your music offline. Unlimited offline downloads as well as other Lite features are available for Rs. 250 per month. If you’re an Indian, Saavn might be the greatest premium or free alternative to Spotify.


You’ll love what Tidal has to offer if you consider spending a great deal of money to listen to the best quality music. Tidal offers its basic services for $9.99 a month; however, the best service is what draws music fans in. CD-quality songs are accessible in FLAC format (costing about $19.99 per month). This site has unmatched sound quality!

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