A brief on how to trade pre-owned designer items online


The entire concept of buying and selling second-hand items has gained immense popularity in the last few years. More and more people are adapting to this practice of buying and selling designer items for their own benefit. The trade of used items has a number of direct and indirect benefits for the environment and society as well. Re-use of clothing, bags, and other fashion elements reduces the waste in the environment and promotes a step towards a greener planet. 

Re-selling and buying designer items is a cost-effective means to luxury fashion. We all want to own and flaunt designer items but the original ones in the showroom are pretty expensive. While you can afford to buy a few of them occasionally, wouldn’t it be better to own a complete collection from your favourite designer brands? Well, that is possible now. Various recommerce sites facilitate buying and selling of pre-owned or used designer products. The prices are comparatively very low and you can get original branded items. 

The entire idea to buy or sell your designer items has several advantages. Discussed below are a few vital advantages of it: 

  • Cost-effective 

The designer apparels and accessories fall under the luxury items category and hence cost a lot. These brands have overly priced items that are not affordable by majority classes in society. Also, these designer items have the fast-fashion aspect which means their market trends are short-lived. So, those who buy them from the original showrooms cannot use it for long. A solution to these situations is the trading of second-hand designer items. This is economical for both the buyer as well as the seller. 

  • Hands-on new range of items

In either buying a designer item or selling it, you get your collections updated. Being able to buy a variety of designer items at affordable prices can help you have a varied range of designer collections. Similarly, when you sell your designer items, you can make a great deal of money and have new items added to your designer collection. Instead of keeping the items in your wardrobe and barely using it, you can sell it to have an updated collection for yourself. 

  • Environment-friendly

Not in direct ways but buying and selling designer items add a lot to the greener planet initiative. For instance, if a designer bag is re-sold and re-used, there will be one less demand for the bag. Therefore, lesser natural resources will be utilized paving way for a better and secure environment. Also, a longer utility of garments will subside landfills that will help in reduced pollution. 

Now that you know the key advantages of buying and selling used items, it is easier to decide whether you want to engage in this gainful trade or not. So, if you want to buy or sell your designer items online, here are the four easy steps you need to follow: 

  • Step – 1 

Select the platform you are willing to trade on. There are a number of verified online portals that offer the purchase and sale of second-hand designer items. Check the available features such as verified accounts, categorization, payment options, etc. 

  • Step- 2 

Provide complete details of the products being put out for sale. Whether you buy or sell your designer items, make sure you check the present condition of the item and communicate it well to the other person. Since these are designer items, pre-owned ones also cost a good sum of money. While you are spending or charging the amount, it is best advised to know it all about the item. 

  • Step- 3 

The whole basis of buying and selling used designer items is affordable pricing. It is a key factor and you should determine it before making the buying or selling decision. Set the price of the item that suits you best and look for interested buyers and sellers. 

  • Step-4 

Another important aspect of trading second-hand items is the payment and delivery options. While you wish to buy or sell an item, opt for secured means of payment and delivery method. There are many probable scams and duping that follow in such a trade. Secured transactions should be a top priority. Since the items traded are expensive and designer, safe delivery means should be ensured.

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