Aam Aadmi Party’s victory in Punjab will change the mathematics of Rajya Sabha, will become the number five party



After the historic victory of AAP in Punjab elections, the mathematics of Rajya Sabha will also change. Now AAP’s dominance in the Rajya Sabha will increase and it will become the number five party. After the new equation, the Akali Dal will be cleared from the Upper House. At the same time, BSP will also be reduced to one seat. 

This is how Rajya Sabha will be

number to be 9 in Rajya Sabha

You will come in top 5 in Rajya Sabha

At present BJP is the single largest party with 97 members. While Congress is second with 34 members. TMC is on the third and DMK on the fourth. BJD is at number five. 

BJP gains in UP, Uttarakhand

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