After meeting Sonia Gandhi, Azad said – Suggestions given for the party in the routine meeting



After the crushing defeat of the Congress in the elections, the CWC meeting was called, but the G23 camp did not appear satisfied. In fact, two meetings of big leaders in two days caused a stir in the politics of the country. Questions began to arise whether the Congress had reached the verge of collapse, but then Sonia Gandhi became active. Meeting with Ghulam Nabi Azad was fixed. And after the meeting, it seems like all the disputes have also been fixed for the time being..

So the question is, what is the dispute? What is the demand of G23 leaders? What was the purpose of holding a separate meeting after the CWC meeting? The question is also whether there was any dispute or whether the dispute was pacified in the meeting with Sonia Gandhi. Because a few days ago, Kapil Sibal, who was involved in G23, directly questioned Rahul Gandhi. After that two meetings of G23 were held for two days. Then, through Bhupendra Hooda, a meeting of the angry group with Sonia Gandhi was fixed and yesterday when Ghulam Nabi Azad came in front of the media after meeting Sonia, he said that there is no displeasure with the party leadership.

He said, ‘As of now there is no question of leadership. When Sonia Gandhi offered her resignation, we all asked her to continue working as president. Because when we have to hold the party elections, then there will be talk at that time, now the party elections are not being held, then who will become the party president and who will not become that will be seen only then. Ghulam Nabi Azad further said that those who are party workers will decide who will be the president. Today there is no vacancy for the party president.

A meeting was held to suggest reforms in the party

Meanwhile, the question arises that if there is no question of displeasure with the leadership, then what was the need of the meeting. In response to this question, Ghulam Nabi Azad said that this meeting was kept to give some suggestions on behalf of G23 to improve the party.

He said that there are some suggestions which we have given to fix the party. To strengthen the organization, Sonia Gandhi ji is discussed with the leaders, we have also discussed this earlier. Suggestions were sought from CWC, I have also given my suggestions. How to prepare for the coming assembly elections, how can the Congress together defeat the front in the elections. All these things were discussed. The suggestions that are made to strengthen the organization are inside, we cannot give them openly.

Pro-Gandhi family leaders are attacking ji 23

In this pressure politics going on within the Congress, where the high command is talking to a group of angry leaders. So the supporters of Gandhi family are also attacking Netaji 23. However, it is clear from the rhetoric that took place after the meeting that till yesterday, the threat of breakdown was visible on the party. It seems that for the time being that crisis has been postponed and what will be the result of the displeasure of G23. This will be known during the election for the post of President.

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