AIOps powered Network Automation Service


AIOps: What is it?

AIOps is a method for automating network monitoring, troubleshooting, and other network management tasks by integrating machine learning and big data analytics. Network administrators can concentrate on more strategic network tasks by automating network processes instead of replacing their manpower on the network.

Comparison of AIOps and Digital Experience Monitoring

AIOps is growing rapidly, and similar network technology, digital experience monitoring (DEM), is as well. Although the two approaches to network management are very similar, AIOps goes further than DEM. By combining application performance monitoring (APM) and end-user experience monitoring (EUEM), digital experience monitoring eliminates data and performance silos. AIOps, however, uses machine learning and data analytics to not only assess performance but to automate fixes that would normally need to be handled by network administrators.

Both tools are increasingly replacing other network technologies. According to a recent Gartner report, AIOps and digital experience monitoring tools are exclusively used for network infrastructure by about 5% of enterprises, but that number will increase to 30% by 2023.

AIOps Benefits for Enterprise Networks

Enterprises that embrace the software and network management practice of AIOps can expect several key benefits:

  • A smarter approach to troubleshooting

The in-depth data analysis and application are especially useful for optimizing troubleshooting and network security.

  • Experience for the user is improved

The speed and thoroughness of this technology improve the overall user experience with a small amount of effort on the part of network administrators.

  • Network administrators: strategies for growth

AI-powered automation in AIOps primarily eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Automation allows network administrators to devote more time to higher-value strategy needs.

  • Communication and technology silos are avoided

Network monitoring and strategy can be managed in one place using AIOps. The consolidation process is not only faster, more efficient, and less expensive, but it also ensures that all teams and tools have access to the same information when making changes to the network.

Network Automation supported by AIOps

The network revolution is going at the right moment! In this digital age, companies are trying to settle on the right decisions about their digital initiatives to stay ahead in the game. Along these lines, it isn’t surprising to see all the remarkable advances that the year 2020 has around technologies like 5G, SD-WAN, Edge computing, Wifi-6, etc. However, what we have to acknowledge is that any technology is comparable to how it is managed, direct.

While the present enterprises value service assurance and network work time as their core objectives, they are comprehensive enough to adopt network transformation to accomplish these objectives. That is the reason they’re also savvy enough to see the next wave coming – the Artificial Intelligence wave.

Network update – constantly 

Automated service assurance is basic to the client success of any company. AIOps will help NetOps via automating manual assignments and quickening updates. Powered by work process automation, service modeling, compliance capacity, and closed-loop automation, AIOps – Artificial Intelligence empowers companies to reclassify network automation with a slice of difference. With one hand on ML and Analytics, estimating input at each phase of automation is more precise and adds to additional learning. AIOps will also make ready for more discussion about Internet-based networking.

As you can understand, AIOps is something other than another abbreviation. It packs a new level of functional intelligence, flexibility, and business acumen for enterprises that want their networks to stay ahead every step of the way.

It’s new, however, it’s getting hot. Adopting AIOps might be a slow cycle, yet we anticipate some huge upgrades in the coming year. This change requires a social change at the organizational level and the individual mindset. The present networks are complex and hard to track down. If you have recognized the right use-cases, technologies like AI need to go far.

Simultaneously, we should not overlook that any digital transformation practice is a journey, as well as a network and functional transformation. Be ready to cause changes to build, operate networks, and manage networks utilizing AIOps.

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