Akhilesh Yadav said after seeing Irfan Ka Cartoon: Exit Poll- Looks like all the TVs are spoiled



Irfan Ka Cartoon: The results of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh will be declared tomorrow. Earlier the exit poll figures have come out. In most exit polls, BJP seems to be forming the government with an absolute majority. On the other hand, the Samajwadi Party seems to be the second number party in the exit poll, but will remain away from power this time too. Famous cartoonist Irfan has made a cartoon about the victory of BJP in exit polls.

What has Irrfan shown in his cartoons?

Irfan has shown in his cartoon that Samajwadi Party chief and former chief minister of the state Akhilesh Yadav is watching exit polls on TV, but all exit polls are claiming BJP’s return to power. In such a situation, Akhilesh is very surprised and upset, saying, “It seems that all the TVs have gone bad”.

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Let us tell you that BJP can once again form the government in Uttar Pradesh. According to exit polls, BJP can get 236 seats, Samajwadi Party 140 seats, Bahujan Samajwadi Party 17 seats, Congress 6 seats and others 4 seats. Voting was held in 7 phases in 403 seats of Uttar Pradesh.

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll – Western UP (Seat- 136)

BJP+ 67-71
SP+ 59-63
BSP 5-7
CONG 0-1
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll- Bundelkhand (Seat-19)

BJP+ 14-18
SP+ 0-4
BSP 1-2
CONG 0-1
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll – Avadh (Seat- 118)

BJP+ 77-81
SP+ 33-37
BSP 2-4
Cong 1-2
other 1

ABP C-Voter Exit Poll- Purvanchal (Seat- 130)

BJP+ 70-74
SP+ 40-44
BSP 6-8
Cong 4-6
other 3-5))

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