Akhilesh Yadav’s SP is facing a setback in Uttar Pradesh, BJP’s government is being formed, know the condition of BSP



After the last phase of voting in Uttar Pradesh on Monday, voting was completed in all the seats. Along with this, the fate of the candidates who were winning 403 seats in UP was also imprisoned in the EVMs. Now everyone is waiting for the results. On March 10, it will be known whether BJP will save power in UP or whether someone else will get the command of UP. Amidst all these speculations, many TV channels and survey agencies have done exit polls regarding the UP elections.

This time in UP, polling has been held in seven phases. After the last phase of voting, all the channels started showing the exit poll data. C Voter conducted exit polls for ABP News. According to the exit poll of C Voter, BJP can form the government in UP. BJP is expected to get 236 seats. On the other hand, Samajwadi Party is likely to get 140 seats, BSP 17 seats, Congress 6 seats and others 4 seats.

Axis My India exit poll shows BJP winning 307 seats, while Akhilesh Yadav’s SP is projected to get 86 seats. Apart from these, BSP can get 6 seats, Congress 2 seats and others can also get 2 seats. In this poll too, BJP seems to be in power.

Even in Today’s Chanakya exit poll, BJP seems to be winning. BJP has been predicted to get 294 seats in Today’s Chanakya exit poll. SP has been predicted to get 105 seats, BSP 2 seats, Congress one and others also one seat.

Even in the exit polls of VETO, BJP seems to be getting a majority. The BJP can form the government with 225 seats, while the SP seems to be stalling on 151 seats. Whereas BSP has been given 14 seats, Congress 9 seats and others 4 seats in this poll.

In CNX exit poll, BJP is seen to be in power with 245 seats. Samajwadi Party is expected to get 145 seats. Apart from this, BSP is expected to get 9 seats, Congress 3 seats and others one seat.

If you look at the figures of the Poll of Exit Polls, then there is a possibility that this time also the power of UP can go in the hands of BJP. According to the Poll of Exit Polls, BJP can get 261 seats, while SP may have to be satisfied with 125 seats. Apart from this, BSP can get 10 seats, Congress four seats and others can get three seats.

UP’s poll of polls


C voter 236 140 17 6 ​​4

Axis My India 307 86 6 2 2

Today Chanakya 294 105 2 1 1

veto 225 151 1494

CNX 245 145 9 3 1
Final figures 261 125 10 4 3

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