Amit Shah said on the foundation day of NCRB – ​​Use data in crime control



Amit Shah, the first Union Home Minister to attend the 37th Raising Day celebrations of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), said that 16,390 police stations of the country have been connected on CCTNS, but now the central agencies of the country like CBI, NCB and NIA have joined it. are not connected. All agencies of India must join CCTNS in a few days and make the data 100% complete. Union Ministers of State for Home Nityanand Rai, Ajay Kumar Mishra, Union Home Secretary, Director of NCRB and senior officers of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police were also present on the occasion.

Ease of use of finger print system

The Home Minister said that the Government of India has set a target of the second phase of ICJS by the year 2026 with an expenditure of about Rs 3,500 crore. After its completion, it should be made more and more useful by using artificial intelligence, block chain, analytical tools and fingerprint system. He said that till now around one crore fingerprints have been registered and if these are available to all the police stations, then there is no need to go after anyone after getting the fingerprint to find the crime, but your address on the computer of the police station. Will get it.

He said that when various state police prepare one-year action plans, it is found that their source is the data of NCRB. Every state should make use of the data of NCRB in formulating its annual police strategy and it should be used multifaceted and multipurpose in crime control, only then this institution will become result-oriented. Amit Shah said that NCRB works like a brain and action is possible only when states use its data. NCRB in its own way has created a very good framework of data protection and data analysis by concentrating many things. It can be used only when not considering it as just a book and make a habit of analyzing it and using it in every district, police station, range and DGP headquarters.

Hackathons can solve many challenges

The Union Home Minister also said that nothing happens just by creating data, you will have to go to the states and communicate, you will have to tell about it, the method of its use will have to be told. Some states have used it. Both BPR&D and NCRB should work to share its best practices. Shah said that today the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) hackathon has also been inaugurated and BPR&D should implant it in every state, as hackathons can solve many challenges. Hackathons are the only way through which we can stay two steps ahead of the perpetrators of crime.

In such a situation, it has to be seen that now big educational institutions and new hostels are being built and what kind of work is increasing around them. Looking at them only from the point of view of IPC cannot solve the solution, it should be analyzed from a different point of view. This is the responsibility of BPR&D and NCRB. Together they should analyze it separately and present a paper in the DGP conference with a solution and discuss it with the states and organize workshops.

If crime data is not used to reduce crime, then we cannot take maximum advantage of keeping the data. Unless we promote the use of all these features, do not bring it to the forums that use it, then it cannot fully benefit. He said that till we do not provide all these facilities from the IPS officers to the person sitting in the police station, we will not get the benefit of it and the responsibility of this is also of NCRB.

The Union Home Minister said that three things are important inside the data – access to the data, registration in a good format and creating tools for its use. He said that a system of its analysis should be made using modern to modern tools and it should also be managed. By dividing this work into these three parts, if NCRB takes a resolution in the Amrit festival of independence that we will increase the utility of data by at least 20% in the next 5 years, then it will be a big task in the Amrit festival of independence.

Amit Shah said that you have done a great job in 37 years till you store the data and make it available. Now our entire focus should be on the use of data and the result that comes from it. He said that this 37-year journey of NCRB is an inspiration to all the agencies involved in law and order.

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