Anime girl – Is It right to think of them warmly and lovely?


Animated women look like they are perfect women, so they are more attractive than real-life girls. They offer the best of both worlds: they are blessed with amazing views and charming personalities. Who doesn’t love a live girl for her horoscope, big breasts, and modern female identity?

Why do you consider them warm and charming?

In a perfect world, every girl will have fun and beautiful, charming personalities, and men of all ages will not have to worry about the lack of beautiful girls or the lack of perfect 10s. Unfortunately, this is not the case – there are “alpha men” and “bad guys” in the dating world who meet beautiful women and ideal girls run out and lose less of an omega. The initiators of the relationship are also expected to be men. Unfortunately, there are boys who fail in relationships, especially boys who are shy and repeatedly rejected.

Here come the animated girls; They are very well made. Like most animations, the animation is designed to immerse your audience in an alternative world. Beautiful things are subjective, so there are different kinds of girls who meet human needs. What about girls with big breasts or little sisters? What about the Tsundere girls, or the girls who are starting to get rude and end up treating you warmly? Do you have a fetish for ponytails? Animation for any person in a variety of girls.

Moe (mo-eh) is a concept that arouses a desire in the audience in Japanese anime. Anima can be considered mossy due to the subjective attraction of the female character to the audience; This attraction compels her – the desire to have a relationship with her, the desire to have a boyfriend, the desire to marry her, or the desire to have a father. If he is emotional, we want to be with him to comfort him, everything is in order, and we are on his side.

The girls of the anime allow us to experience fantasy like everyone else. Visual Novel (VN) is a popular Japanese genre of sports, usually entertaining animated girls and a lonely male hero who wants to win the heart of a girl. These girls are not judges; Even though you are very shy, they do not pay attention to your appearance or behavior. The girl doesn’t think about alpha or beta boys or omega boys. She wants to meet you and eventually become her boyfriend.

Why can’t you find them warm and charming?

The obvious reason they don’t look good to you is to dress like anime cartoons and have sex with “screen pixels”. Society encourages you to love real girls, not the girls you paint; Otherwise, you will be considered a loser. Animated girls are not real and you can’t physically hug, kiss, or have sex with them. Alpha guys who are very successful with real girls can also tell you to “inspire” and find a real girlfriend.

Feminism was a shame for women in various media outlets to have sex, as if to show complete nudity from something innocent. Depending on the nature of the anime girls, they can be sexy and objective. You have perfect pants, harem anime, big tight girls and a bikini “wardrobe is not active”; All of this can be sexual and objective.


Thinking that animated girls are fun and charming is a harmless fantasy – such fantasies are for people who find it difficult to achieve what they want in life. Although you may not be able to be physically present with them, the experience of a deputy allows you to be very thankful. This is not female realism because anime girls are as complex as real girls with personalities and emotions. Also, sexuality has been with us since the Day of Resurrection and is reflected in many works of art. There should be no shame in evaluating an art event.

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