Aparna Yadav spoke to ABP after BJP’s massive victory in UP elections



UP Election 2022: Before the elections in UP, Aparna Yadav, the younger daughter-in-law of the Mulayam family, had joined the BJP and now the same party is going to form the government once again. In such a situation, ABP had a special conversation with Aparna. He was asked what would be the role of Aparna in the party after the victory. In response to this, she said, ‘I have come to BJP to serve the nation and whatever my top leadership decides for me, I will do that work with complete honesty. 

Aparna spoke on rigging of EVMs

Aparna said on the rigging of EVMs,  ‘There should not be talk of rigging with EVMs. The country has faith in EVMs. The entire people of the state have voted in EVMs in a free and fair manner. 

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