Ashok Gehlot said – Rahul Gandhi should become the President of Congress, only then the party will remain united



The Congress had to face a crushing defeat in the recently held assembly elections in five states. After its poor performance in these states, there is a churning going on in the party about it and all the leaders are making rhetoric about the national president of the party. Meanwhile, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has once again demanded to make Rahul Gandhi the president of the party. According to Gehlot, if Rahul Gandhi becomes the president, the party will remain united. It remains to be seen what decision the party will take regarding this.

Ashok Gehlot fiercely targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party, which won four states. Gehlot said, “There is victory and defeat in elections. At one time BJP had won only 2 seats out of 542. Now people are being misled because BJP does politics of religion. If not today or tomorrow, the countrymen must understand this. Will come. Indira Gandhi gave her life but did not allow Khalistan to be formed.”

The Rajasthan CM said, “Our path is of unity, integrity and BJP’s path is of religion and polarization. PM and Kejriwal speak alike. It is very easy to set fire to fire but it is very difficult to extinguish it.” Rahul Gandhi should become the president, the party will remain united.” There is a churning going on in the Congress about the defeat and during this time the demand for the full-time president of the party is increasing once again.

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