Before the election results, understand how votes are counted in 5 points?



The results of the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa will start coming in a while from now. Counting of votes will start from 8 o’clock and gradually the picture will be clear on whose government will be formed in which state. In the meantime, many times a thought comes to the mind about the counting of votes that how the votes are counted? Let us know the answer of this question…

Understand how votes are counted from five points?

1- There are 14 tables present in the counting center, along with one table for the returning officer and one table for the observer. At the same time, the candidate or his agent is allowed to be present in this counting center.

2- The counting of votes starts at 8 am and is done in several different rounds. First the counting of postal ballots takes place and after about half an hour the counting of EVM votes starts.

3- First of all, let us tell you, EVM votes are counted in different rounds, according to this, 14 EVM votes are counted in each round. At the same time, after each round, the agent is made to sign Form 17-C after which the form is given to the RO.

4- A blackboard is also present in the counting centre. In this board, after every round, how many votes each candidate got is written. After which it is announced through loudspeaker. Let me tell you, this is called the trend.

5- Mobile phones are not allowed in any of the counting centres. Media persons are also not allowed to come to this center. There is only one official camera that records. No other cameras are allowed in the centre.

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