Best Tools to Find Influencers for Video Campaigns


Video campaigns these days are incomplete without the incorporating influencer marketing. Influencers help in reaching out to the right kind of audience and in this way give brands an edge in the adoption of their products and services.

In a time when influencer marketing is a big thing, it is important to know how to find the right kind of influencer for your video campaign. You can take help by using some free or paid influencer marketing platforms where you can get in touch with relatable influencers.

Why you need an influencer for video campaigns?

Influencer marketing is one great way to extend your reach or create awareness about a product/service. Companies or brands might have different goals when going with influencer marketing for their products or services.

A corporate video production company might be targeting such goals as reaching a new audience and associating the brand with the name of the influencer. They also get the expertise that is needed to attract customers with the help of influencers.

Also, they get benefitted from the influencer’s idea and fresh content that is targeted towards the right kind of audience.

The influencers can also have their own goals in mind like monetization, and sometimes they might actually like the brand or product which they are promoting using their social media channels.

They can play a pivotal role in video campaigns, as videos are much more popular these days.

So, when a good influencer connects with the brand for any given video campaign, it may lead to the popularity of that brand or product in little time.

It starts with the step where the influencer marketing page is set up, and then it goes into finding the right kind of influencers for your campaign.

They may have a presence across various social media platforms, which is a good sign for video campaigns. For this, you need to find the right kind of creators who have a well engaged audience.

Who are great influencers?

Finding influencers for your brand, product, or service can be easy and difficult at the same time. There are many creators, but it is important to choose the one that will work out well for your video campaign.

You can start by searching for them using different tools available in the market. Some tools that can help are like Followerwonk, BuzzSumo, Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool, Keyhole and Klear.

You can find influencers using the relevant subject or topic. Once you have a list of influencers, you can start by reviewing their audience, work, and popularity on the web or across social media platforms.

For video campaigns, you need influencers who are good with cameras and set-up.

The main thing is that the influencer and brand both should be clear about the goals of the video campaign. For example, if it is a sales-oriented video campaign, then there should be pre-discussion about it.

Sometimes creators are chosen by the brands just so that they can showcase the brands across their channels and get the audience to know about the brand, product or service.

The goals of a video campaign should be discussed properly. For any given niche, there can be loads of audience that can be targeted by the influencer.

Tools for finding influential influencers

There are many tools available using which you can find influential influencers. Some of them we named previously now here is a list of some tools.

1. HypeAuditor 

It helps to find the top Instagram influencers and helps them rank by amount of quality followers. It gives information like current ranking, the influencers username, topics that he/she posts about, audience countries and authentic engagement.


It is an influencer marketing platform which helps in streamlining the procedure of influencer’s planning and execution It provides database of influencers and uses AI for the research it does.

3. Upfluence 

It provides a huge database of more than 3 million profiles of influencers. Users can find influencers using lot many keywords on this platform.

4. Storyclash 

It helps you find the influencers who are talking about your brand or product.

5. Aspire 

It is a kind of community intelligence marketing platform in which the community means creatives, experts, professionals, brand representatives and more.

6. Post for Rent

It is a complete influencer tool. It allows clients and influencers to review each other based upon their engagement for any campaign.


It runs two kind of plans – free and paid. It is more like a social media for brands and influencers where they can interact with one another.

8. Pitchboard 

It focuses on managing campaigns at a right pace and scale. It has a very clean user interface.

9. Dovetale 

It focusses more on ecommerce stores and has integration with shopify.


It helps you find influencers in any given niche.

There are other influencer marketing tools like Tweetdeck, Social Crawlytics, Alltop,, Crowdfire, FullContact, SEOquake,, Personapp, SimilarWeb, BuzzSumo, TrendHERO, etc.

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