BJP is away from majority in Uttarakhand, Congress is not in a position to form government on its own



Uttarakhand Exit Poll 2022: It is difficult to form a BJP government in Uttarakhand because it is clearly visible in the exit polls that the Congress has strengthened its ground, while the Aam Aadmi Party can also open its account here. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see whose government is formed here.

In the exit polls of ABP, no party or alliance is seen getting a clear majority in Uttarakhand. If BJP is away from majority, then Congress may be visible ahead of BJP but it is also not visible in the event of forming the government on its own. In such a situation, the Aam Aadmi Party is seen entering here and may or may not, it can also come in the role of King Maker.

ABP Exit Polls Final Figures Show Hung Situation in Uttarakhand

Trishaku in Uttarakhand

Total seats-70
BJP- 26-32
Congress- 32-38
AAP- 0-2
Others – 3-7

Looking at such figures, it seems that BJP and Congress can come close to forming the government in Uttarakhand on their own, but they will need to take someone’s support to form the government. If we look at the figures of vote percentage, then BJP is definitely ahead of Congress in vote percentage but is much less than its performance last time.

vote percentage in uttarakhand

Congress – 39%
AAP- 9%
Others – 11%

In terms of percentage, this performance of BJP is definitely less than the last assembly elections, but it is ahead of the Congress.

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