BJP suffered loss in Purvanchal, Samajwadi Party’s performance was good, BSP lost ground



UP Election Result: Once again BJP has got majority in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Purvanchal came to be considered a strong stronghold of BJP, but in this election, a different political wind has been seen blowing here. This time a different picture has been seen from the results of last time. The Samajwadi Party alliance has given a tough competition to the BJP here. There was a tussle between the BJP and the Samajwadi Party in the 8 assembly seats of Varanasi, which is considered to be the most popular seat of Purvanchal. In the neighboring districts along with Varanasi, the BJP maintained its earlier performance, but in Azamgarh and Ghazipur, the BJP’s performance went awry. This time the Samajwadi Party alliance strengthened its political penetration here. Whereas here the political ground of BSP slipped.

Loss to BJP in Purvanchal

If you look at the figures, this time BJP has lost many seats in Purvanchal. At the same time, about two and a half times more MLAs came from here than before from the Samajwadi Party. If the BSP was reduced to just one seat, the Congress could not even open its account. BJP candidates have won 29 seats in 10 districts here, while Samajwadi Party’s performance was much better than last time and Samajwadi Party candidates tasted victory in about two and a half times the seats. In the 2017 elections, the Samajwadi Party had won 12 seats, but this time it has won 31 seats. In the last assembly elections, BSP had won 7 seats in these districts while Congress got 1 seat.

Samajwadi Party’s performance was better

This time the Samajwadi Party has performed better in Purvanchal. The reason behind this is believed to be the alliance with Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party. In the UP assembly elections, the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party led by former minister Omprakash Rajbhar, who was involved in the Samajwadi Party alliance, has won 6 seats. Former minister Omprakash Rajbhar won from Zahoorabad in Ghazipur district and Abbas Ansari, son of Bahubali MLA Mukhtar Ansari, won from Mau seat. In the 2017 assembly elections, Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party contested 8 seats in alliance with BJP, in which they won 4 seats. After this he became a minister in the Yogi government. In the year 2019, Omprakash Rajbhar adopted a rebellious attitude and this time he joined hands with Akhilesh Yadav. In Ballia, Ghazipur, Jaunpur, Mau, Azamgarh, Deoria districts of UP, there is a good number of voters of Rajbhar fraternity and Rajbhar is considered to have a good hold here.

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