Budget session of Parliament: Relief from Corona, proceedings of both houses will run simultaneously



Parliament Budget Session: The second part of the budget session of Parliament is going to start from March 14. In the second part, the government’s biggest priority is to get the General Budget and Finance Bill passed. In the first part of the session, the proceedings of both the houses were held at different times. The proceedings of Rajya Sabha used to start from 10 am while the proceedings of Lok Sabha started from 4 pm.

Proceedings of both the houses will start at 11 am

Corona cases are currently visible under control and the situation is rapidly returning to normal, in such a situation it has been decided to conduct the proceedings of Parliament as usual. It has been decided to start the proceedings of both the houses at their traditional time i.e. at 11 am. The timing of the proceedings of both the houses has been fixed from 11 am to 1 pm and then from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Action will go on for more than one hour

In such a situation, this time the proceedings in both the houses will be able to go on for at least one hour more. In the first part, only 5 hours were allotted daily for the proceedings. The punctuality was more in the Rajya Sabha, because the proceedings of the Lok Sabha could be started only after its proceedings were over. Since the proceedings of the Lok Sabha used to start at 4 pm, the Rajya Sabha had to end its proceedings by 3 pm at any cost by 3 pm. At the same time, the scheduled time of the proceedings of the Lok Sabha was from 4 pm to 9 pm, but sometimes the work was completed by increasing it by one or two hours.

The second part of the budget session will start from March 14 and will continue till April 8. During this there will be 19 sittings of both the houses. This means that in comparison to the first part of the session, 19 hours more work will be done in both the houses. According to Rajya Sabha sources, more than 64 hours will be available to dispose of government business in the House. Apart from these, as before, now two hours’ time per day has been allotted for Question Hour and Zero Hour.

Opposition may surround the government over inflation, unemployment and Ukraine crisis

There is currently no challenge in sight for the Modi government, buoyed by the resounding victory in the recent assembly elections. However, the opposition will try to surround the government with inflation, unemployment and the circumstances arising out of the Ukraine crisis.

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