Buying A Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses Just Got Simple


Pair Of Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also a daily essential that is much-needed to tackle the sun’s UV rays. It must be made clear that sunglasses should be worn throughout the year regardless of the season as the sun shines all year round. 

To make sunnies part of your daily style game, here is a guide for you to buy sunglasses. From the types of sunglasses to the trending styles, to some of the basic things that you must consider before moving ahead with the purchase, we have covered them all. Let’s get started!

Types Of Sunglasses

When you go to buy sunglasses, there are multiple types that you will come across. Let me introduce you to these types to help you arrive at the ideal type for you.

Prescription Sunglasses 

Sunglasses that come with lenses fitted with a prescription and provide the function of both eyesight correction and UV protection are known as prescription sunglasses. If you are someone who requires eyesight correction, the next time you step out in sunny conditions, remember to take off your prescription glasses and put on prescription sunglasses.

The geometric sunglasses that I recently added to my wardrobes is a prescription pair and is doing amazingly well to provide me clarity of vision, along with UV protection.

Polarised Sunglasses

Along with UV protective coating, the lenses of polarised sunglasses come with a filter that has a function of eliminating the occurrence of glare by filtering out the reflected light responsible for causing glare.

If you are fed up with glare – a common occurrence in an outdoor environment – polarised sunglasses are very effective in helping you deal with it, and that too in style. 

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are spotted all over the streets these days – thanks to their offbeat style quotient. The mirrored appeal is provided by a thin metallic layer that is applied over their lenses. Along with imparting them a pleasing aesthetic, the metallic layer also provides protection from glare. And yes, the basic function of UV protection is always by your side.

Although mirrored sunglasses appear opaque from outside, enough light is allowed to enter to provide clarity of vision. These pairs are also relatively more sturdy – thanks to the metallic layer. 

Clip-on Sunglasses

Clip-on sunglasses are pairs that come with clip-on lenses that get attached to any normal pair of glasses. Since these clip-on lenses have UV protective coating, they provide the function of UV protection just like any normal pair of sunglasses.

Clip-on sunglasses eliminate the need for you to carry two separate pairs for indoor and outdoor purposes and hence, are very handy. While looking for geometric sunglasses for men over the internet, I came across a stylish range of clip-on sunglasses available here.

Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses wrap around your eyes to provide full peripheral coverage. And yes, they also have a brilliant style element. You will find many celebrities style these sunglasses in their public appearance as they help in making a bold fashion statement. 

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are a super cool option for your sunglasses style game. These UV sensitive lenses undergo a change in their tint colour when exposed to UV rays and the colour of their tints adjust automatically as per the intensity of light incident on the lenses. 

When indoors, transition lenses have a clear appearance and once UV rays strike these lenses when you step outdoors, their UV protection function gets activated and they also adopt the appearance of sunglasses.

Trending Sunglasses Styles

Now that you know the types of sunglasses, here are some of the most trending sunglasses styles that you can try. You will find these styles for all the types discussed above.


For all those who wish to take the classic route with sunglasses, there is no better contender than aviators. The teardrop structure of the aviators adds a charismatic flair to your overall physical appearance, whereas the sleek top bar provides a much-needed enhancement. 

Whether you go with the solid metal frames or the chunky acetate ones, aviator sunglasses will always help you stand out from the rest. You can also take a slight deviation from the conventional teardrop structure and opt for something like the round aviators.

Geometric Sunglasses

Looking for an elite sunglasses style? Your search ends at geometric shape sunglasses. These pairs are a sharp and versatile style that can bring charm to all face shapes and occasions. 

The variants that you need to watch out for are the pairs with asymmetrical sides and sharp angles and also the ones with half-rim frames.

Oversized Sunglasses

With traces of vintage and class, oversized sunglasses are a hot trend today. The amazing thing about these pairs is that they contain both classic and funky elements. If you are confused about how big frames you should choose, go for those that don’t cover your eyebrows and lie above your cheeks. 

The coolest oversized sunglasses trends in present times are the square oversized sunglasses and the frames in pastel shades. 

Round Sunglasses

There is hardly any trending list of sunglasses where the retro round styles don’t find a place. Styling them is super simple. From mountains to beaches, from poolside parties to weekend getaway to the countryside, you can wear them to all occasions. 

To keep yourself updated with the trends, you can go for the vintage option of metal frame round sunglasses or opt for something modernist like the clear frame round sunglasses.

Cat-eye Sunglasses

The sassy and bold cat-eye sunglasses are a big hit in the fashion scene. The smooth angular structure in combination with the sassy upswept ends make looking good super simple. Cat-eye sunglasses are an exceptional option for ladies.

Look out for oversized cat-eye sunglasses with thick acetate frames and relatively more prominent upswept ends. 

Some Basic Considerations To Make

To make the best possible purchase of sunglasses, keep these things in mind to enjoy both function and style to the fullest.

100% UV protection

Since you have decided to keep your eyes protected from the harmful UV rays, why not do it in the best possible manner? To do so, you should go for sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection, i.e., look for both UVA & UVB protective coating on the lenses of these pairs. 

Choice of tints

While making the choice for the tints of your sunglasses, it needs to be noted that all are equally effective in providing UV protection. You can pick up the one which suits your style needs perfectly. 

Reglaze Glasses 

Reglaze glasses service gives you the option of getting a normal pair of glasses with clear lenses upgraded to sunglasses. If you want your existing pair of glasses to be converted to sunglasses, by sending them for reglazing, you can get their clear lenses upgraded to those with UV protective coatings and the frames remain the same. 

Online Sunglasses

If you are looking for top quality sunnies at pocket-friendly prices, you should head over to the internet. Shopping for sunglasses online is a convenient and hassle-free process. You will not only find a stylish collection that covers all the styles and types but also user-friendly services. Some of the amazing services available over the online medium include free home trial and same day glasses.

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