Chhattisgarh CM again made headlines, for the first time in the country, presented the budget in a briefcase made of cow dung



Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who has done special work in the field of environmental protection and economic empowerment, created a new history in the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. In fact, the briefcase that Bhupesh Baghel used to present the budget was not made of leather or jute, but was made from a by-product of cow dung. This briefcase was made from cow dung powder which was made by Nomin Pal, Didi of the Women’s Self Help Group. Let us tell you that Chhattisgarh has become the first state in the country to use a briefcase made of cow dung as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi.

Briefcase ready in 10 days

The sisters of “Ek Pahal” women’s self-help group working in Gokul Dham Gothan, Municipal Corporation of Raipur, made this briefcase using cow dung and other products. The specialty of this briefcase is that it was prepared after 10 days of hard work by applying a mixture of cow dung powder, chuna powder, maida wood and guar gum layer by layer. Specially designed for the budget, the handle and corner of this briefcase were made by a Bastar art artisan by the Kondagaon city group.

this was the reason for doing this

Actually, in Chhattisgarh it is believed that cow dung is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. In the Teej festivals of Chhattisgarh, it has been a tradition to cover the houses with cow dung. Taking inspiration from this, this special briefcase was made by the sisters of the self-help group. So that from this briefcase in the hands of the Chief Minister, every house of Chhattisgarh gets the entry of Lakshmi in the form of budget and every citizen of Chhattisgarh can become financially empowered.

PM has also praised this scheme

Godhan Nyay Yojana of Chhattisgarh has made a different identity in the whole country. Earlier no one had imagined that any material could be prepared from cow dung, but with the concept of Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has presented cow dung as the economic revolution of Chhattisgarh. It has also been praised by the Prime Minister and the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture Affairs. 10591 Gauthans have been approved in Chhattisgarh due to the economic revolution of cow justice. Out of these, the construction of 8048 Gauthans has been completed. The 2800 Gauthans of the state have become self-supporting where cattle ranchers have started investing their own capital in purchasing cow dung from the villagers.

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