China now made this big claim regarding the disputed areas of LAC, also mentioned Galvan-Pangong



Talk of withdrawing from disputed areas
According to the report of Hindustan Times, it has been claimed from the Chinese side that now their troops are retreating from the Galvan Valley, Pangong Lake and Hot Spring area. have been removed and these areas have become vacant. This has been said in the report quoting the Chinese Foreign Ministry. However, nothing like this has been made clear from India’s side. Because despite all rounds of talks, China was not ready to withdraw its army. Experts also say that it is a bit difficult to believe this claim of China. 

China has already made claims
Tension between China and India has continued for the last two years. After the violence in Galwan Valley, the matter escalated and the armies of both the countries came several kilometers ahead. But after this several rounds of talks started at the military level and at the diplomatic level. But the situation continued to be tense. Meanwhile, such claims were made several times from China, in which it was said that the army has returned to the previous position. Now once again a similar claim has come to the fore, now it has to be seen whether China has really removed the army from the disputed areas or it has been falsely claimed once again as before. 

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