Cinema and casino, an indissoluble union


The game, the pleasure of betting, the thrill of the unexpected, are all elements that have always accompanied man and that have often been linked to cinematography, fiction, stories and memorable scenes.

From the Roman emperors, such as Caesar, Augustus and Julius, who liked to participate in the Saturnia (gambling games open to the public) scattered among the common people, passing through the myriad of James Bond scenes that took place inside a casino , up to the present day of the much discussed online casinos, so realistic that they seem more real than reality, such as bwin casino, for example, where we interface with real dealers. 

Gambling is therefore an integral part of human life and cinematography (and fiction) has often and willingly taken a cue from it to create moments of suspense, in addition to the aforementioned 007 most famous agent in the world, let’s see which are the films that have tied their fortunes to those of a casino:

Casino Royale (Play your game) – twenty-first chapter of James Bond, agent 007 faces the diabolical Le Chiffre inside a casino, recommended for fans of the “Texan”

The Gambler (The Player) – Remake of the famous film “40 thousand dollars not to die”, in which the university professor Jim will have to deal with his passion for the game that will lead him in situations to be solved

Ocean’s Eleven – Hugely popular film with a stellar cast. In this case it is not a question of game strategies, but of cleaning up the vault of one of the casinos on the “Strip”

Rain Man (The Man of the Rain) – this film could not miss with two amazing interpretations of Dustin Hoffman in the role of Raymond, autistic with exceptional logical-mathematical abilities and of Tom Cruise, brother of Raymond, together the two will break the casinos of Las Vegas and will reconnect a previously lost relationship

Casino – 1995 film directed by Martin Scorzese with a very high level casting: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. Considered the third part of Scorzese’s Mafia trilogy, the film is based on the novel Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas. The legendary Tangiers casino is the setting for a film that has won several awards, including the Oscar for Sharon Stone.

Past characters of casino players

Gambling goes well with cinema, but also with power. The illustrious men of the past who liked to dabble in the halls of a casino or in houses dedicated to gambling were also not rare, we see below the “famous” casino players of the past:

Lorenzo de ‘Medici (Italy), often mentions bassetta and frusso gambling games in his writings, was considered a skilled card player

Voltaire (France) Enlightenment of 1700, was fond of faro (card game) and biribisso (similar to roulette)

Giacomo Casanova, the most famous memorialist and amateur in Europe, often conquered women to make them pay his debts incurred at the game of the lighthouse

Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, both presidents of the United States, the former regularly played games such as backgammon and various card games, the latter kept a very accurate diary of wins and losses

Jane Austin (England), the very famous writer of Pride and Prejudice was an unsuspected gamer, which can be seen from the detailed descriptions she uses in her novels to characterize her characters.

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