CM Ashok Gehlot came to the rescue of Gandhi family, said- Kapil Sibal does not know the ABCD of Congress



Ashok Gehlot on Kapil Sibal: Due to the continuous defeat, the crisis of existence has started looming over the Congress. In such a situation, voices have started rising against the Gandhi family. Congress is trying to find the reason for the defeat by brainstorming. Meanwhile, discord has erupted in the party over the statement of senior leader Kapil Sibal. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has come to the rescue of the Gandhi family and targeted Kapil Sibal. Ashok Gehlot has said that Kapil Sibal does not know the ABCD of Congress.

Unfortunate to see such words coming out of Sibal’s mouth: Ashok Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot said, “Everything has been achieved only with the blessings of Sonia Gandhi. It is unfortunate to see such words coming out of Kapil Sibal’s mouth. He does not know the ABCD of Congress.” Earlier, CM Ashok had said, “Every caste, every class, every religion, every language, people of every region, be it from south, east, west or north. Everyone wants that if the Congress is to be kept united, then it can remain united only under the leadership of the Gandhi family. If this credibility remains his, then today every Congressman is with him.

What did Kapil Sibal say?

It is worth mentioning that Kapil Sibal has sung the melody of Gandhi Parivar Mukt Congress. Kapil Sibal has demanded that ‘Gandhis should be given a chance to lead the party apart from the leadership role.’ Since the 2014 election defeat, the Congress has consistently lost elections except on a few occasions. He said, “CWC has expressed confidence in the party leadership, but people outside CWC feel that otherwise many have left the party and new leaders. Someone else should be given a chance to lead the party.”

Gandhi family in action

Let us tell you that a big meeting of G-23 leaders of Congress is going to be held at 5 pm today. Congress leaders will gather at Kapil Sibal’s house in Delhi. Things have changed in Congress after the defeat. On the one hand, there is opposition to the Gandhi family for defeat, and on the other hand, the Gandhi family is seen in action. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has demanded the resignation of the state presidents of the lost states.

  • Congress state president of Uttarakhand Ganesh Godiyal has resigned.
  • UP state president Ajay Kumar Lallu has also resigned.
  • After Sonia’s order, Punjab President Navjot Singh Sidhu will also have to resign.
  • Apart from this, the state presidents of Goa and Manipur will also be removed.
  • In Lucknow, Priyanka Gandhi held a big review meeting on the defeat in the UP elections.

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