Congress can return to power in Uttarakhand, what will be the formula if it does not get majority?



Uttarakhand Exit Poll Result: Results for 70 assembly seats in Uttarakhand will be declared on March 10, but just before the results, a picture has been shown from the exit polls. Exit poll results suggest that Congress can return to power in Uttarakhand. But the matter is quite thorny, if no one gets a clear majority, then independents and other small parties can play an important role.

Congress close to majority in exit polls
If we talk about exit polls, BJP can get 26 to 32 seats in Uttarakhand, while Congress has been estimated to get 32 ​​to 38 seats this time. That is, the Congress is closest to forming the government. Talking about the average seats, the Congress can get 35 seats, that is, one seat less than the majority figure.

What is the opinion of experts regarding Uttarakhand results
Regarding the results of these exit polls regarding Uttarakhand, election analyst Manisha Priyam said that, we do not form the government on the figures, only the fact can be drawn that the matter is stuck. I believe that the party which is looking ahead should get one or two more seats, after that no such situation will arise. Because the figure of Aam Aadmi Party and Congress is 36, AAP has wiped out Congress in Delhi and Punjab. In such a situation, a combination of both is not possible. The opposition party of BJP has not been strong, that is why BJP is not moving away from the state at all. Congress can go ahead with a small margin.

CSDS professor Abhay Dubey also believes that Congress will easily form the government in the state. He said that Congress can get more seats in the election results, that is why I do not think that it will need any alliance. National expert Abhigyan Prakash said that this time Congress has a lot of difficulties of its own. Congress will have to see its fights whether it brings numbers on its own on March 10 or not.

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