Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi gave a statement on the defeat in the UP elections, know what she said



Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that after the party’s dismal performance in four states including UP, on Thursday said that her party will continue to fulfill the responsibility of a struggling opposition for the betterment of the people of the state. He tweeted that the vote of the people is paramount in a democracy. He said that our workers and leaders worked hard and fought on the issues of the people. But, we have not been able to convert our hard work into votes.

Congress’s Uttar Pradesh in-charge Priyanka Vadra said that by following a positive agenda, the Congress party will continue to fulfill the duty of the opposition struggling for the betterment of UP and the public with full responsibility.

Worst performance ever in the state

It is worth noting that in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress could win only two assembly seats this time and got about 2.4 percent of the votes. This is the worst performance of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh so far. In this election, Priyanka had given tickets to 40 percent women for the purpose of women empowerment and to cater to the voters of half the population. However, the Congress’s attempt to reach half the population through this appears to have been a complete failure.

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