Controversy over Bhagat Singh’s picture in Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann’s office



Aam Aadmi Party government has been formed in Punjab. Bhagwant Mann has also taken oath as CM. After the oath, according to his announcement, he has also started work on getting the photographs of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and Bhagat Singh installed in every government office, but a controversy has erupted over the picture of Bhagat Singh installed in his office. People are surrounding Bhagwant Mann, questioning the authenticity of this photo.

what is the dispute

Actually, CM god value It was announced only after the election results were announced that now the picture of Bhagat Singh and Dr. Ambedkar will be installed in every government office. In this episode, he also put a photo of both of them in his office, but in the photo of Bhagat Singh in his office, his turban is of yellow color (Basanti color). Controversy has started on this. According to the researchers, the picture in the CM’s office has been created by imagination and it is not authentic. Chaman Lal, associated with Delhi’s Bhagat Singh Resource Center, says that, ‘Bhagat Singh never wore a Basanti or Kesari turban, all this is just a fantasy.’ There are only 4 original photos of Bhagat Singh. In one photo he is sitting in jail with open hair, in the second photo he is wearing a cap, while in the other two photos, Bhagat Singh is in a white turban.

what the family says

At the same time, on this dispute, Bhagat Singh’s family called it insignificant. Jagmohan Sandhu, the 77-year-old nephew of his sister Amar Kaur’s son Bhagat Singh, says the entire controversy is insignificant. What matters is the color of his turban, but what matters is his vision for Punjab and the country as a whole.

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