Corona can happen in Holi due to a little carelessness, keep these things in mind, celebrate the festival of colors



The festival of Holi is being celebrated across the country with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. However, due to Kovid in the last two years in the country, many restrictions have also been faced in this festival. Like last year, this year also Holi is under threat of Kovid. Health experts say that all people still need to be constantly careful.

Meeting people becomes more on the day of Holi festival, so your slight carelessness can increase the risk of infection again. According to health officials, it is more important for all of us to be alert about the danger of corona at the time of Holi. All people should continue to follow ‘Covid Appropriate Behavior’ so that any kind of infection can be prevented from growing again.

For the last two years, after Holi, there is a rapid jump in the cases of infection, so we need to pay special attention to it. According to health experts, at the time of Holi, we all need to be more alert about the increasing threat of Kovid.

There may be a jump in infection during Holi

According to experts who are knowledgeable about Kovid-19, then the festival of Holi will naturally increase the interaction of people. In such a situation, the risk of negligence is expected to increase again. According to experts, even though there are fewer cases of Kovid in the country, the virus is still among us.

Face mask and social distancing will protect

Mask is the biggest weapon in keeping corona away. However, it is very important to know how much your mask is capable of stopping the virus. If you can wear any three layer mask, it is best.

Take these precautions while wearing a mask

  1. The mask should be such that the nose, mouth and chin are properly covered.
  2. Have a mask that you do not have to adjust again and again.
  3. After wearing the mask, there should not be much gap between the face and the mask.
  4. Air should pass through the mask while breathing, there should be no problem in breathing.
  5. After wearing the mask, do not repair the mask again and again with your hands.
  6. After taking off the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for 20 seconds

Precautions to be taken during Holi

  1. Keep wearing a face mask during the Holi Milan ceremony, also take care of hand hygiene and social distancing.
  2. Do not participate in the celebration with any person who has symptoms of cold or fever.
  3. If you have mild cold or cough symptoms Holi Avoid playing.
  4. Enjoy the festival by staying in a small group, if possible, avoid learning in large gatherings
  5. Take care of social distancing, avoid shaking hands and hugging.
  6. Avoid eating anything without cleaning your hands properly.

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