Delhi Commissioner inaugurates two new ‘Pink Booths’ on the occasion of Women’s Day



The Delhi Police Commissioner on Tuesday inaugurated two new “Pink Booths” in Delhi’s Desh Bandhu Gupta Road and Jama Masjid police station areas. With these two new “Pink Booths”, there are now 12 “Pink Booths” in the Center District of Delhi. Delhi Police is making “Pink Booth” in those crowded areas where the presence of women is high. These “pink booths” are being built around the market, school and college. Earlier on October 22, the first “Pink Booth” was built in Channa Market of Karol Bagh police station area.

what is pink booth

The “Pink Booth” is a small police post set up by the Delhi Police which has been painted pink. The purpose of making “Pink Booth” is to ensure the safety of women. In fact, these “pink booths” are being built in the congested areas of the capital Delhi so that if there is any crime against women, they can immediately complain to these “pink booths” nearby. Delhi Police has deployed women policemen at these “Pink Booths” who are present at “Pink Booths” 24 hours a day.

Women are also being given a safe environment through “Prakashti and Veera Squad”

Delhi Police has formed Prashakti and Veera Squad. Women police personnel have been deployed in both these squads. Which does continuous patrolling in the area. The purpose of forming these squads is to increase the presence of women policemen in congested areas. So that women can feel more secure themselves and do not feel hesitant in reporting any crime against them.

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