Delhi Police ready on Holi and Shab-e-Barat, gearing up to rein in rioters and bikers



Where today is the festival of Holi, there is also Shabe Baraat. This is the reason why Delhi Police has made elaborate security arrangements. While on one hand Delhi Police is gearing up to put a check on those who create riots on Holi in the morning, on the other hand, keeping in mind that due to Shabe Barat, the bikers should not be disturbed during the night. Police force has been deployed in the state, but there is also a preparation to rein in the bikers by barricading.

Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana says that Delhi Police will be deployed diligently throughout the day and will work diligently to maintain peace and harmony in the capital Delhi.

Night vision will be monitored by drone

Talking about the capital Delhi, the Central District has the largest graveyard of the city, which is located near ITO. This is the reason that a large number of people come here to worship the graves of their elders. This time in Shabe Barat, Delhi Police has also deployed two night vision technology drones.

What to say of Central District DCP Shweta Chauhan

DCP Shweta Chauhan told that police have been deployed along with Holika Dahan. All the ACPs will also be present in the area with me. The police have made arrangements for barricading at many places. 17 big pickets have been installed. Police have been deployed from place to place.

Talking about the central district only, about 50 inspectors have been deployed in security. The Central Armed Police (Paramilitary Force) force has also been called from outside. In the last few years, it has been seen that some bikers make a splash on this festival of worship.
In view of this, an appeal has also been made not only from the police but also from the people like Shahi Imam etc. that no one should create any kind of riot etc. nor do any such work due to which the atmosphere is spoiled. An appeal will also be made during the Friday prayers.

Will not be able to go towards New Delhi

DCP, Central District says that it has been seen that a large number of people come to the Central District from the North East district. A large number of bikers go towards New Delhi district during the night. It will be our endeavor not to allow the bikers who are creating ruckus towards New Delhi.

DCP Shweta Chauhan has also appealed that people should celebrate the festival of Holi with mutual harmony and brotherhood. Follow the traffic rules. Take care of your safety and avoid any untoward incident. If any person messes with the law, he will be dealt with strictly. Strict action will be taken against stunt hawks.

Traffic police is also deployed

To curb rioters and bikers, the traffic police also Holi In view of this, extensive arrangements have been made. Increased its presence at all major intersections and major roads. An appeal has also been issued by the Delhi Traffic Police, in which people have been asked not to drive under the influence of alcohol, otherwise they can go to jail as well as have to pay a heavy fine.

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