Despite returning to power, the challenge of choosing a CM in front of the BJP, only the name of the loser is in the discussion.



Uttarakhand Election: In the politics of Uttarakhand, BJP broke the old record of not returning to power again this time, but after the defeat of Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami, it could not break the record of losing the Chief Minister’s election in the state. Therefore, for the fourth time in a year, the challenge of choosing the Chief Minister has come before the BJP. In the desire to become CM, many leaders have camped in Delhi. There are many faces and contenders in the race for the new Chief Minister, but Pushkar Singh Dhami still remains in the news.

Dhami presented CM’s claim in gestures

Some big leaders of the Center are standing in favor of the defeated Pushkar Dhami, who are supporting him to make him the Chief Minister by contesting again. So in the meantime, Dhami himself is also presenting his claim in gestures. Explaining why he lost the election. Pushkar Singh Dhami said, “I was able to go to my area and spend less time in my seat. I was given the responsibility of bringing the government, I never asked for any post, I have fulfilled the responsibility which was given to me.

Dhami is getting the support of MLAs

Dhami’s claim is also in discussion again because many MLAs are openly expressing their support to Dhami. They are ready to give up their seat to contest again. One of them is Pradeep Batra, who won the election from Roorkee. Pradeep Batra has said, “If the national leadership makes Pushkar Singh Dhami the Chief Minister, then he is ready to give up his Roorkee seat to contest his election and will make Dhami win more than 20 thousand votes from Roorkee assembly.”

What is the challenge before BJP?

In Uttarakhand, BJP leaders themselves are telling that a total of six MLAs have offered to give up their seats for Pushkar Singh Dhami. Surely this support to make him CM is going to give comfort to Dhami. But the final decision is to be taken by the central high command. BJP, which has changed three chief ministers in one term, is trying to give such a face this time who will complete the tenure of the chief minister for 5 years and can also fulfill the target of winning all the 5 Lok Sabha seats in the state in 2024.

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