Do not disturb the color of Holi! Adulterants are playing with the health of people by making fake sweets like this



There is Holi in the country only after a few days. This festival of colors will be celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country. Now that it is Holi, there will be color and there will be a lot of celebration. There will be a lot of dishes and sweets in this celebration, but do not let these sweets spoil the color. This is the reason that the teams of Food Safety Department across the country are conducting raids in different parts of the country.

In Pilibhit, the team of Food Safety Department is going to the shop and checking sweets and mawa. Magistrate Rajesh Kumar himself has taken care of the responsibility of not playing with the health of the common man. So far two dozen shops have been raided in Pilibhit.

Preparations were made to serve chemicals in the name of sweets

Whereas in Gonda, UP, preparations were made to serve chemicals to people in the name of sweets, but the food department confiscated one and a half quintals of fake mawa, its value is being told in lakhs. Food department is also on alert mode in Azamgarh, UP. On Holi, raids are being conducted continuously so that shopkeepers cannot sell adulterated sweets to the common people, the Food Department has raided more than 30 places in 3 days and sent its samples for examination.

Strictness is being followed in Banda too

Some similar strictness is being taken in Banda of UP as well. Here too, in view of Holi, the team of Food Department is continuously raiding the Mawa Mandi and sweets shops. Samples of suspicious food items are being taken and they are also being destroyed.

At the same time, 354 samples have been sent for investigation and four people have been booked under NSA in the raid of Food Department in Morena, MP. Holi In view of this, the raiding campaign against the adulterers is in full swing in Devbhoomi Haridwar as well. To prevent adulterated sweets from being sold in the market, the food department team is working day and night.

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