Does my child need summer camp?


Not all parents have the opportunity to organize a child’s vacation with benefits. Many children sit all their free time on the TV, computer or “hang out” somewhere doing nothing, putting their health or even life in danger.

A kids camp in Singapore can help with the competent organization of vacations. True, it has its pros and cons. So let’s figure out what you should know when thinking about whether to send a child to camp or not.

Advantages of a summer camp for school children

  • Usually a country camp is located in a forest recreation area, often on the banks of water bodies. Therefore, most of the time children are in the air: they breathe oxygen, sunbathe, swim. And being in a summer camp is much more beneficial for the health of a student than walking through the streets of a city filled with asphalt fumes and exhaust fumes.
  • Children live in the camp strictly by the clock (subject to the daily routine). This teaches order and also has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the child. At the same time, almost every camp has six meals a day. Nutritionists are working on its development, and therefore children are provided with a varied menu with a high content of vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances.
  • Also, new friends appear at the summer camp. Constantly there is communication with their peers and not only. At the same time, the child does not have access to a computer and TV – the school child’s eyes rest. But instead of “couch” pastime, schoolchildren are offered classes in circles, sports sections. Thanks to this, the child develops comprehensively.
  • Competitions and various sporting events are held every camp shift, ranging from “sportlands” to competitions between teams. Some of them are remembered by the child for the rest of his life.
  • It is in the camp that many children learn independence, get used to work, and get used to helping their elders. At the same time, the child often becomes liberated and gets rid of fears, insecurity, shyness, and participates in camp activities with pleasure. After all, there are no grades and diaries in the camp, and all strangers can become true friends sooner or later.

And one more indisputable plus: while the child is not at home, parents can devote more time to themselves and each other. But most divorces are connected with the routine of life. Isn’t that a good reason to send your kid to summer camp for another honeymoon?

Whether a child needs a summer camp or not, of course, parents decide. But remember that the success of the child’s stay in the camp depends not only on the pros and cons, but also on the child himself. Parents know their child’s character traits better and should understand how comfortable he will be in a new environment. But it’s still worth a try!

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