Does Whisky Taste Better When Stored for A Long Time?


This is one of the questions that many people have been pondering about, especially those developing a habit of taking whisky instead of any other form of alcoholic drink. Many of us think that once you store a bottle of whisky in a cool place, its flavor will change, and it will change from good to better. But these are all false allegations, and this is the plain truth.

If you open a bottle of whisky, many issues happen immediately. One, its taste and flavor start reducing directly. The aspect relates to the fact that once a bottle of whisky is opened, its temperature and air circulation change. This means its taste and flavor change with time from better to worse. However, experts claim that a bottle of whisky can stay up to ten years without getting bad as long as it is stored in good conditions. This means that the storage of whisky matters greatly as it can determine whether the drink will be tastier or its flavor will reduce. 

Experts involved in brewing whisky suggest the following ways of storing it to prevent it from going bad. 

Store in a Cool Place

Research studies have identified that increased temperature is the number one factor that causes whisky to lose its flavor and taste, especially after being opened. In other words, once you open a bottle of whisky, you should avoid exposing it to the external environment or areas with high temperatures as it may take less than a month for the drink to start sowing. Therefore, if you want to maintain the taste of your whisky for long, ensure that you have placed it in a cool place and preferably in a fridge. In addition, you need to keep checking your whisky as there are cases where it may spoil and start producing a smell that might affect your entire house.

Dark Place

An opened bottle of whisky and light are enemies. In other words, if you open a bottle of whisky and then expose it to sunlight and high temperatures, the chances of getting spoiled increase. Therefore, once you open a bottle of whisky, avoid storing it in a place where it will be exposed to any light source. The storage place should be dark to ensure that its temperatures are maintained to ensure that it stays for long without getting spoilt. 

Store the Bottle Upside Down

Unlike wine, whiskies tend to expire faster. The aspect relates to the fact that fewer chemical reactions that affect its taste tend to occur when opened. Therefore, to prevent it from spoiling, you need to store the bottle upside-down, especially after opening it.

Bottom Line

Unlike wines, when whisky is stored for an extended period, it does not taste better. In most cases, it tends to lose its taste and flavor. However, there is a way you can store your bottle of whisky to remain viable and safe for use several months after opening it.

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