Expert-favorite cryptocurrencies that you can invest in


Buying cryptocurrencies in India or anywhere in the world can become and feel like a daunting task. This could be because there are so many different aspects associated with investing in cryptocurrencies that a person, especially a novice, might feel confused or lost. This could happen particularly in the beginning stages of the investment process. One thing that majorly terrifies most investors, old and new, would be the volatility of the prices associated with cryptocurrencies. There can be no given pattern or trend that each cryptocurrency follows which means that the ups and downs can happen at any point in time and can be drastic. 

Why cryptocurrency – Most people who look towards cryptocurrency are looking to buy bitcoin in India. This is because bitcoin is the most appealing of all cryptos and the attraction along with the monetary benefits associated with it are supremely high. People are looking to invest in cryptocurrencies because it is seemingly a good market at the moment that is ready for more young and enthusiastic investors. It is a market that is providing good returns to potential investors. However, in case this is your first time investing in an asset that is as volatile and erratic as cryptocurrencies, you can look at the expert-favorite cryptos that will give you what you want in terms of making a choice.

  1. Bitcoin – Bitcoin is known as the father of cryptocurrency as all the other currencies followed the inception of this particular coin. With only 21 million coins as its limited cap, this particular cryptocurrency lies untouched at the top of the crypto charts. It was the first crypto to record any transactions on a decentralized blockchain. It was launched in 2009 and is still considered the 1st choice for newer potential investors to invest in. The main purpose of this coin is to revolutionize the traditional financial systems and eliminate the interference of any government authorities in the payment structures. 
  2. Dogecoin How to buy Dogecoin was one of the most asked questions in the middle of 2021. This was right during the time that Elon Musk started tweeting extensively about this coin and it was all the rage. Since DOGE is low in price, it is a good starting point for many investors as it is low in risk. Additionally, how DOGE can help is that it can create a suitable platform for short-term investors. With the help of expert guidance along with being able to read and predict the trends, one can be a smart investor and can dedicate some percentage of the money to dogecoin and remove it as it begins to slump again.
  3. Binance Coin – Even though it was introduced to the market late, Binance Coin (BNB) soon reached its place as the third-largest crypto based on the market capitalization value in 2021. Binance is a big name in the crypto arena, and therefore, it is not surprising to see its coin be placed among the top contenders on the list. The traders can get a massive discount on the trading fees when they use the token BNB on the network. A new chain called Binance Smart Chain was launched in late 2020 that would use BNB as fuel. This also contributed to the rise in the value of BNB as a token. 
  4. Terra – Another cryptocurrency that lies in the top 10 of the global charts would be Terra. It is the one to look out for in 2022, as it is expected to gain more popularity and traction owing to its features and what it offers. This cryptocurrency aims to create a network of stablecoins that can eventually be used to form a more stable digital economy. It aims to bridge this gap in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Terra is the largest dual-token platform which means that it has two tokens that work differently from one another on the same blockchain. 
  5. Ethereum – One cannot miss out on Ethereum as one of the best cryptocurrencies as vouched for by experts. The rollout of Ethereum 2.0 has only added to the overall performance of the original cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized platform that was launched in 2015 and is highly popular and dominant as the top-performing altcoin. The shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake has only made it more environmentally friendly and sustainable in the future. Along with this, the backing it has received from the other mammoths like JP Morgan, Amazon, etc. has only increased the interest of the people in this particular crypto.

If you are still confused about what crypto to buy, you can start slow with low-priced and low-risk cryptos like DOGE. You could also opt for stable coins like Tether that are not subject to erratic fluctuations like the rest. Get your foot in the water before you dive deep into it. 

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