Farmer made a scooter to climb high trees, said – villagers used to say crazy, 40 lakhs were spent



Ganapati Bhat, a 50-year-old farmer from the coastal city of Mangaluru in Karnataka, has created a scooter that helps him climb tall trees. Ganpati Bhat cultivates betel nut and has to cut 60 to 70 feet tall trees daily to harvest his crop. In such a situation, he felt the need of a machine to climb trees, because due to old age, he had to face difficulties in climbing tall trees.

In view of this, he thought of making such a machine that would help him to take him to the heights on the trees. With this thinking, he made this scooter, which is named Tree Scooter. It has a motor, some wheels and a seat to sit on. With the creation of this scooter, his life has become easier than before.

Cultivation of betel nut in 18 acres of land

In Mangaluru, Ganpati Bhat cultivates betel nut in about 18 acres of land. He told that the villagers used to tell me that I have gone mad, they doubted my discovery whether it would work or not, especially during the rainy season because then the trees become slippery.

40 lakhs spent

Ganpati Bhat told that he has spent about 40 lakh rupees for this discovery. He told that with the help of one of his engineer companions, he started working on the scooter from 2014. He has sold more than 300 ‘Tree Scooters’. The cost of a scooter is 62,000.

Explain that India is the world’s largest producer of betel nut with a production of 1.2 million tonnes in 2020-21. Most of this crop is produced in the southern coastal states of Karnataka and Kerala.

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