Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat gave this statement on the claim for the post of CM



In response to the question that many leaders of Uttarakhand are making rounds in Delhi, former Chief Minister of the state Trivendra Singh Rawat said that after the elections, people are going to Delhi, but they all know that we have a legislature here. Leadership is elected by the party itself, so I think everyone is knowledgeable, they know that nothing is achieved by running and running.

‘BJP government has worked for 5 years’

For 4 years you were also the Chief Minister for your works and why are you being ignored at this time, why are you being kept in isolation? In response, Trivendra Singh Rawat says that it should not be considered as ignorance, because the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has worked for 5 years, then three months should be left, even after the implementation of the code of conduct, the time is still about 5 There is a time of less than a year, everyone knows that the time for work is four and a half years, after that the counting of elections starts, counting of elections starts.

‘BJP has no shortage of qualified people’

He further said that that is why whatever achievements are there, on the basis of which we have gone to the public, they are of full 5 years, whether it is Atal Ayushman Yojana, schemes made for the welfare of women, all these have been done in full 5 years. . He said that there are many people in BJP who are capable enough to become Chief Minister. BJP has no shortage of eligible people, it is a good thing, if there are 5-10 claimants, then where is the evil in this.

‘There may be a meeting of the Legislature Party on March 20’

In response to the question of when the Legislature Party meeting is to be held, Trivendra Singh Rawat says that we have Holi, the time before that is not considered good, it is called Holashtak and this time the coincidence is like this. That the time of Holi is also going on 19th March. Because of this, even on March 19 Holi will be played. Because of this in our Kumaon division, it may happen that instead of March 19, the meeting of the legislature party will be held on March 20. I think everything should be done by March 20, because there is also a budget session to be held. The next year’s budget will also be presented by the government, it will follow it, it also takes 5-7 days’ time.

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