From Punjab to Delhi, churning on defeat, what will be a big decision between questions on leadership?



Congress Committee Meeting: Recently the results of the assembly elections held in five states have come. Congress was expecting a lot in the elections this time, but when the results came, Punjab also got out of hand. Now like every time there is going to be a big meeting to churn on defeat, but the question is, when will the nectar come out of this churning?

In fact, voting took place on a total of 403 seats in UP, but the Congress could get only 2 seats here. On the other hand, out of 70 seats in Uttarakhand, Congress got only 19 seats. Total seats in Punjab are 117, Congress got only 18, Goa got 40 seats, Congress got only 11. While in Manipur, despite having 60 seats, Congress got only 5 seats.

It is inevitable that in view of these seats, there was bound to be a head-football in the party and that has already started. Shashi Tharoor first raised questions on this matter. “Those who put their trust in the Congress are saddened by the election results. It is time to strengthen the idea of ​​India for which Congress stands and give a positive agenda to the country. It is time to reform our organizational leadership in a way that revitalizes those ideas and inspires people. One thing is clear – change is essential to be successful.

After this tweet by Shashi Tharoor, a meeting of those Congress leaders who have been demanding a change of leadership in the party for a long time and known as G-23 was also held at Ghulam Nabi Azad’s house in Delhi.

Congress parliamentary party meeting today

Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi has called a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party at 10.30 am and then the Congress Working Committee at 4 pm. It is believed that apart from other issues, there will be a churn on the crushing defeat in the election. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel will also attend the working committee meeting to be held at the Congress headquarters. It is interesting that in this meeting there will also be leaders of ‘G-23’ who can reiterate the demand for leadership change and organizational reforms.

Disappointment among Congress workers

Meanwhile, Congress leader Sunil Jakhar said, “Organization elections in Congress are proposed in September, but after the questions arising about the leadership, it may happen that it should be done earlier.” This is also necessary because not only the support base of the Congress is slipping, but the discontent among the workers is also increasing, and this is because the party which was in 2014 Narendra Modi At the time of becoming the Prime Minister of India, the government was running in nine states, now it has been reduced to only two states. ,

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