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The film ‘The Kashmir Files’ made on the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits is in a lot of discussion these days. On one hand, the film is getting a very good response. On Tuesday, Union Minister Giriraj Singh also came to see Kashmiri Files. After watching the film, Giriraj Singh said that those who are talking about banning ‘The Kashmir Files’ today are trying to mislead the country. It should be shown till the village chaupal.

After that, while targeting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he said that today I am saying that Mamta Banerjee has the same role in Bengal as the politicians once had in Kashmir. Bengal will be the next Kashmir, if the Hindus of Bengal do not fight for their existence, then there are dozens of districts, not one district. There is a threat from fundamentalism within the country. We are less threatened by Muslims, more threatened by Muslim fundamentalists.

Giriraj Singh started crying after watching the film

On the other hand, Giriraj Singh could not stop himself after seeing the massacre shown in the film and started crying. He said that if it was not for this film, the country would not have known the truth of Kashmir. Appealing to everyone to watch it, he appealed to the film makers to take this film from village to village and show it all over the country.

After watching the film, Giriraj did not forget to surround the Congress and he also took a jibe at the Congress for this. He said that the plight of lakhs of pundits whose tears had dried up, this film has given them goosebumps. Through this film the game of politics of appeasement has come to the fore. Now the public knows what the Congress has done to the Pandits of India.

demand for tax free

Actually, there is a craze in the whole country about director Vivek Agnihotri’s recent release film ‘The Kashmir Files’. This film is discussed on every platform of social media. There is also a demand to make it tax free in many states. Meanwhile, in Assam, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced that government employees would be given half a day’s leave to watch the film Kashmir Files.

In Delhi, BJP has written a letter to CM Arvind Kejriwal demanding to make the film tax free. BJP workers took to the streets in Mumbai. With banner posters in hand, demanded the Thackeray government of Maharashtra to make the film tax free.

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