Gynecomastia Symptoms – How to Detect Gynecomastia?


Swelling in the male breast is an unpleasant-looking condition that most men face, especially during puberty. The increased hormones result in inflamed breast tissue, also known as gynecomastia. It is a temporary issue that can be tackled within weeks or months of regular exercise.

However, some have permanent outgrowing of gynecomastia problems. If you know the root cause, then, of course, Gynecomastia Surgery is the best solution to cure it. This advanced breast tissue gives men confidence and a smart look. Here in the blog, we will ensure you with a deep read on gynecomastia and its symptoms.

What Is Gynecomastia?

The overdevelopment or enlargement of breast tissue among males is called gynecomastia. In this, men’s breast becomes larger and grow unevenly, that impact the outlook to a great extent. It happens with temporary hormonal changes in the puberty stage of boys or preteens. Among adults can also be a serious issue that grows with age if not taken seriously to cure it with a good diet and workout regime.

The Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a non-cancerous condition among men that is only linked to hormonal changes. In men, it’s caused due to male hormone testosterone level changes. Moreover, also caused by medications’ side effects, including anti-depressants, antibiotics, chemotherapy, cancer medications, cardiovascular medicines, HIV/AIDS medicines, and more. The use of illegal drugs such as anabolic steroids, heroin or marijuana, etc.

Health research says many diseases and medical conditions can also cause gynecomastia. These are as follows;

  • Liver diseases.
  • Kidney issues.
  • Certain cancers; include testicular, lung, and prostate.
  • Tumours in adrenal and pituitary glands.
  • Thyroids,
  • some traumatic injuries.
  • Obesity and weight gain.
  • Congenital disorders.
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Heredity.

The Certain Symptoms to Know if You Have Gynecomastia

1. Men can feel an enlargement in either or both breasts. It’s because of hormonal disbalance, which affects glandular tissues of the breast among males. You can feel it in a uniform or uneven portion near to nipple area. A rubbery or firm feel is common.

2. May feel pain in the breast area or at the nipple. You can even feel tenderness in your breast when touched.

3. Gynecomastia is a non-Cancerian condition that commonly occurs in the puberty period among boys. Typically, breast cancer in men happens in one breast, where tissue is not hard or firm in touch. If it is cancer, then dimpling of the skin, nipple discharge, and enlargement of lymph nodes under the arms can be felt.

4. Some men do face symptoms of fever or chills. The skin of the breast can pain when touched, reddish, or a bit swell.

How To Diagnose Gynecomastia?

Male Breast Reduction surgery must be performed; you need to find a reliable gynecomastia clinic and treatment consultant. Explore your search for the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon and have clear communication. The diagnosis process might include;

  • Certain blood tests, liver functioning tests, hormone studies, urine tests, etc.
  • A low dose X-ray of the breast (mammogram).
  • Biopsy (small breast tissue sample) to check if it’s gynecomastia or cancer cells.

The treatment for Gynecomastia Surgery also starts after health and report analysis, including aspects like;

  • Your age.
  • Your health condition is present and past.
  • Sickness level.
  • Your ongoing medications, treatments, and therapies.
  • Condition expected to last.
  • Personal opinion and preferences.

The Gynecomastia Risks and Recovery:

Typically, you can face temporary risks as follows;

  • Infection.
  • Blood clots and bruising,
  • Asymmetrical breast condition,
  • pain, and discomfort for a few weeks.
  • Changes in sensation around the areola or nipples.

To have quick gynecomastia recovery, you must also maintain hygiene; it will give easy healing. Changing bandages, dressing, and drainage tubes is a must. For easy post-recovery from Male Breast Reduction surgery, visit the doctor regularly and follow all suggestions as a priority.

It will help you control your pain and swelling and aid healing quickly. Your surgeon also can suggest certain activities you need to avoid during recovery and will also prescribe medications like painkillers. Just follow what your surgeon recommends.

What Did Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in India?

The type of gynecomastia surgery performed within a city or hospital by a professional surgeon helps one decide on its cost. However, it ranges between INR 65,000 to INR 95,000 depending on factors like removing fat, sculpting, the technology used, and more medical-related expenses. The noticeable point is, gynecomastia surgery is not covered under health insurance, but EMI is what you can get.


There is still no obvious reason, but some conditions make breast enlargement among males a serious issue. If you are planning for male breast tissue removal surgery, then be careful when choosing the right and Best Gynecomastia Surgeon.

Of course, you can’t risk your body and health at any cost for good looks. Take time as the biggest achievement to get the best Male Breast Reduction surgery. We hope the content above has cleared up all the doubts about Gynecomastia Surgery.

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