Hair loss treatment psychological effect and types


Hair loss especially at the head may concern many. Heavy hair loss, thinning of hair, baldness is associated with negative impact on the person psyche, self-esteem and can create social anxiety or even lead to depression. To provide a relief to the hair loss and baldness, hair transplants are a powerful solution. In hair transplant the hair from one region of the body are moved to another region for promoting natural hair growth. There are numerous ways of hair transplant.

Hair transplants are caried out by experts in the field of skin i.e., dermatologists or plastic surgeons with expertise in reconstructive procedures. The expert takes small pieces of skin known as grafts from the area of the body that has healthy growth of hair. This area is known as the donor area. Generally, the back of the head is selected as the donor area. These small grafts are then moved to the area of baldness or less hair which is known as the recipient site. At the recipient site through proper procedures these hair grafts are placed on the scalp. After the scalp heals people find hair growing as naturally in these areas. 

There are various procedures of hair transplantation. Each of these procedures’ choice depend on the patient hair condition, health, and budget. The hair transplant costs vary from city to city. For example, the Hair Transplant Surgeons in Bangalore can cost you between INR 77,000 to INR 165,000. The per graft cost may vary from INR 30 to INR 130. 

Psychological impact of hair transplant

A successful hair transplant has positive impact on persons health. Some of the positive impacts are as follows:

  • Increase in self-esteem: Many clinical studies have found that the successful hair transplants are associated with increase in the self-esteem of the person. It brings back the natural look and the person feels happy.
  • Full head hair transplant changes the look and the person looks youthful again. This enhances the facial looks and makes the person happy.
  • After hair transplant it is found that people tend to prefer good food diet and choose healthy lifestyle. This makes them happier and healthier. 

Types of hair transplantation procedures

Hair transplant can be performed in numerous ways. It depends on the patient hair pattern, health, budget and the expertise skills. Some of these methods are as follows:

  • Grafting: The most common method is grafting. In this method small scalp pieces are cut from the donor region and these grafts are placed in the recipient site through surgical procedures. 
  • Scalp reduction: in this method a small area of the bald skin is removed from the scalp. Now the area of the scalp that is containing the hair is pulled over the bald are and covered. The skin at new are is stitched to stay in place. This is generally a preferred method for those who have baldness in top of their head or at the back region of their head. 
  • Flap surgery: This is generally preferred in those who have larger bald areas in the front portion. This takes time and may require few weeks for the entire process to complete. The surgeon cuts around the donor sites. The cut is made at the three sides and the fourth side is left attached to ensure that the blood supply is intact. The cut strip is then twisted and repositioned at the recipient site. Now with advanced techniques this technique has become outdated. 
  • Tissue expansion: in this method the surgeon places an implant under the scalp where there is hair. These implants are in the shape of balloon and are known as tissue expander. After few weeks these expanders are inflated resulting in stretching of the skin. In the second procedure the stretched skin is used to cover the bald area.

Side effects of the hair transplantation

Hair transplants are generally successful and the most preferred method is grafting. But there are risks to the hair transplantation surgery. Some of these risks or side effects are:

  • Some may face allergic reactions due to medication or anaesthesia 
  • There are cases of excessive blood loss
  • In some cases, the outcome may not be expected
  • Skin infection
  • Loss of sensation at the scalp region
  • Scarring problem
  • Swelling in the region

Henceforth hair transplantation must be opted when other hair loss treatments did not work for the person. Moreover, there are numerous ways of hair transplantation, it is highly necessary to understand these methods and get the best method that is suitable to your health. A good expert opinion can help you in deciding the best procedure for you. 

There are skilled professionals that carry out hair transplants in Bangalore and in other regions of the country. Speak without fear and get the best advice from them before deciding any procedure. Remember to consider every practical aspect of the hair transplant surgery and your health condition. The healing time, the budget, your health condition etc all must be considered before making any right decision.  Finally, it is highly essential to stay positive and avoid negative thoughts as they may lead to depression and stress. Your health must be your priority and not your looks. 

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